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The word melanoma was introduced into my vocabulary on August 17th, 2010.  I was at Dodge City, signing the papers on my new Journey.  I will never forget my mom's phone call, while standing in the middle of the showroom ,I lied when she asked if I was alone ;) when my world changed forever.

Melanoma is now a very big part of my vocabulary.
I am now hugely aware of how this can change someone and affect a family.
After a year of immunotheraphy treatments, Dad has one injection left and then hopefully it'll be smooth sailing from here.

This doesn't mean that I'll never have to use this word again.
What it does mean is that I'm going to be super vigilant in monitoring my own body and those of my children.
If you have someone you love in your life, please share this video with them.
And hopefully you'll never have to use this word in your life.


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