What's up Wednesday

A night needed

After a week with zero social life because of marking and single momming, a night like tonight was just what I needed.
Sister and I took off for a little light mall walking, which included a stop at Sephora.  When I asked the Sephora girl what the trends were for spring she mentioned hot pink and I laughed. As if, that was so 20 years ago, plus pink looks horrible on my already pinky toned skin.  But when I decided to try it, I was surprised to find it actually didn't look that bad.   Pink it is!
We then proceeded to have sushi. Yum!
This was followed by a walk through the Bay where I tried on some fun outfits from BCBG and  great Jessica Simpson jeans.  I concluded that I still need to drop a size before I do any serious clothes purchasing, although I was happy to see that the jeans I was trying on are a size smaller than in the fall when I last bought some. Yay!
We then headed out to Jordan's for a partylite gathering which was the perfect combination of wine, friends and laughter.  Just what I needed.  Heidi, Jordan, Kerri and Kyla (Michelle was missing) are a fantastic group of friends that I've grown rather fond of and I definitely don't see enough of them as a group.  We used to have monthly supper clubs with our husbands too and I actually miss that.  Although we have been making an effort to get out every month or so for a girls' supper, which has been great too.  With that being said, I await Kerri's email about Feb's get together.  Wow- I even need routine to keep my friendships rolling. Oy. I need help.

Have a great weekend!