3 purple lies

Goals and such. Again.

Well that was easy.
I don't think I've ever actually accomplished a New Year's Resolution so quickly.
I blogged one less day this week.
Now that I'm such a role, let's move on to Goal #2:
Focus on memory making.

I've had many ideas on how I can do this.
Naturally, Pinterest is the source of most of these ideas....they would include:
Writing down specific special memories and putting them in a mason jar to be opened New Year's Eve.
That's kinda like blogging. So no.
Doing a photo a day for a year.
Enticing, but then I think when I don't feel like taking a picture it'd be forced and unspecial and likely of my fat cat.

I could go on.
Although I do really like the idea of those ideas, I think what I'm going to try to do (and I've genuinely tried this every year but always managed to fall short) is to make a real, true, authentic effort to connect more with my friends, my companions (probably the same thing?) and my acquaintances.

How, you ask?

Well.  I plan on continuing to make a point of getting my close groups of friends together regularly on playdates, drinkdates, supperdates, moviedates, exercisedates and roadtrips in order to deepen our bonding and strengthen our love for each other.  I also want to continue to make a point that our children hang out together so they can have mutual friends that last a lifetime, like my parents did for us with the Desjardins, the Degirolamos, the Regels......

With my sister, who falls in a completely different category, I'm going to tell her I love her more and instead of annoy her, I will focus on complementing her and highlighting her strengths and wonderfulness  she brings to my life.  Like how she feeds my daughter healthy food and looks to take care of her by doing daily strengthening activities with her.  My other family member/friends would also fall in that category of sisterly love, so watch out.

My acquaintances are women who I still kinda keep touch with and see sometimes only because of life and distance and things like that.  I really need to try to get together with these ladies at some point this year and make an effort to connect.  Bonus point awarded to me, by me, because I did do that today by emailing Jyl and requesting a date.

Man, I'm on the ball this year.
I wonder how long this will last.

Happy weekend of memory making!


  1. Soooooo....is it that you really want to connect with me or was I just a ruse so you could get a point on your resolution list?


    Totally kidding...please accept an extra bonus point from me, as well :)

  2. I am totally with you on this! As you will read in my blog today! Ha! Great minds think alike. Obviously.

  3. Deena,
    I would already consider you a great memory maker! I don't know any mother that takes the pictures/videos that you do. I know that you kids and grandkids will appreciate the time that you spend making the movies of their past year and other adventures they take. I know that your friends appreciate your pictures and movies. I also know that you are creating great memories everytime you do a craft with Willis and Lucia; everytime you take a trip and everytime you spend more then 10seconds with someone. I believe that you can already check this off your list!

    Although I am not opposed to more get togethers!

    Happy New Year!!

  4. Jyl, you were first on my list of people to contact because clearly you're the coolest. Just saying.

    Jordan, I'm going to send you a telepathic message about my Monday's post. Let's see how close we can be.

    Kim, you're too kind. We should also talk soon about a Jan/Feb ball get together....

  5. we've really enjoyed hanging out with you guys more!! :D and i'd gladly be an outdoor exercise date on warm weather days.


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