What's up Wednesday

A glimpse into the future?

They say that kids grow up way too quickly.

I will not even waste a minute doubting that one.
One minute you have a sweet, sleeping baby in your arms, totally reliant on you for every aspect of life.  Next thing you know, that sweet baby boy is sitting at a desk, patiently working away at letters. 
Line, down and hook.
Line, down and hook.
Josh, Justin, Jesus.
What begins with J...

Next week at this time we have a kindergarten meeting for our not so little boy.
AHHHHHHHHHH.  If that doesn't tug at your heartstrings, I don't know what will.  The thought of sending my little love off on a school bus makes me want to grab that hourglass and stop every last pebble from dropping.
This can't be happening so soon.
Willis also informed me tonight that he was going to marry me.
Yup, mom.  I'm going to marry you.  Because you're sweet and I love you.
 Again.  Much too old, much too soon.  Here he is, all snuggled up in his brand new pajamas and all he could say when I handed them to him was : wow!  I love these.  Thanks Dad for picking them out.
Not too sure where all the gratitude and love was coming from last night, but I'll take it.

Meanwhile on the other side of Narnia, a sweet little girl was begging for attention.  And playdough.

CHEEEEEESE, she screams as I snap a picture.


There's another one that is likely going to grow up much to quickly.
Isn't life grande when you focus on the beautiful?


  1. your posts about the kids always make me smile :)


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