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The gartenofkinder

Tonight I came to a multitude of realizations as I pondered my son's academic upbringing whilst not paying attention to a presentation.
1- I'd make a bad student.  My attention span is oh, so ADHD seconds long.
2- Willis is gonna be just fine in kindergarten.  He's teacher isn't scary.
3- I'm going to be just fine with Willis in kindergarten.  In fact, tonight's parent orientation left me quite excited for the little rascal.
4- I think I'm mostly excited for him for a couple reasons.....the main one being I know he'll be challenged and will love learning, but also because the school that we chose provides door pickup for the bus route and he'll know 2 kids in his class.  For some reason I think buses should be scary, but it's good to know he'll be boarding el autobuso with his friends at daycare.
5-  I think knowing two kids, or two sets of parents, makes me feel many times reassured.  I know that he'll continue his admiration for Maya (who's parents I've recently met and so far very much enjoy) and then will make a new friend in Noah who is son to a PA friend of mine, Danielle, so naturally a two boys with PA roots will get along. Although I think Noah is a Flames fan and Willis is partial to the Oilers.
Hmmmm...not sure how that's going to work itself out.

Alas, I'm a very happy mom and I'm sure we've made the right decision in schools.  This is much better than the sad and trepidacious mom that I thought I'd be this morning.
YAY for school!

And in the spirit of nothing else related to my gartenofkinder topic, can you NOT see the Diehl in my daughter?  Someone please tell me that she looks like my brother or my beautiful cousin, Glenna.
My little light may look like her momma after all.....


  1. oh happy days! cute pictures!

  2. hahaha... seriously? is it news that Lucia looks like you?? I thought that was so obvious I guess I didn't bother to comment on it much... :D

  3. I agree with Monique. Totally a park girl!

  4. I've thought it right from the start that Lucia got her beauty from you :)


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