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10 year rewind

I had a bunch of ideas about what I wanted to write about for today, but instead I got carried away reminiscing *by myself, while looking at old photos.  I'm quite impressed that my digital albums actually go back almost 10 years.  And no, I haven't scanned all my photo albums yet, in which case these pics would go even further.
For now, let's do a 10 year January rewind:


a year ago:
Not too sure what was happening here, nor why Coco was going for my butt. I do notice right away that Lucia hasn't any hair and can still fit into that Bumbo.

2 years ago in our wintery lives:
We had outside playdates with the Simairs

3 years ago:
We were celebrating Christmas in the Mayan with Simair Clam

 5 years ago:
Our dear Willis was baptized.
6 years ago:
We were having supper clubs at Carmen's

Sleigh rides with Christy

And trips to the airport to pick up someone....ah, Dan with before braces....
7 years ago:
hitting up a Jordan Knight concert the cousins
8 years ago:
Serious gaming happening in our Warman house between the brothers
9 years ago:
Lots of cuddling with Sniper and Bailey
10 years ago:
Christmas parties with the girls and a clear obsession with flippy hair.  Remember the days when we didn't have to ask our husbands if we could go out???


  1. When did you start asking me if you could go out?

    And forget the crooked teeth - look at all my hair!

  2. Love this look back! My digital photo album definitely doesn't go this far back!

  3. I was thinking the same thing Dan..lol

  4. hmmm... just noticed we are the simair "clam" hahaha. also funny, my "word verification" below is "asolder".... say it out loud. teehee


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