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Shameless plug...

My ball team is raffling off a 'Happy Hour' Basket as a fund raiser this month and I have tickets to sell.   I thought about sending out a mass email to family, I considered facebooking something to mi amigas, I even contemplated tweeting it to the world of the web, But alas, I've decided to resort to le blog.   It kinda worked out well because I had nothing, again, to write about. So here is my shameless plug. The basket is going to contain 16 ( you heard right) 26s of assorted liquors! Tickets are $5 each and you can buy as many as you want.  And if you don't, I'm pretty sure this prize will make my husband's day, so I may just buy them all. There is a runner up prize of a 'Romance' Basket that will have approximately $50 worth of wine in it. The raffle will be held at our steak night on February 17, but you don't need to be present there to win.  If you want to purchase tickets, please email me at and I'll hoo…

brace your face

i got nothing.
I sat down with high hopes of having something interesting to say last night.

How about a photo instead....(deena searches, hoping to light a flame and find something interesting to blog about) and....
and I have something!!
My husband got his braces off!!!! I remember that day in grade 12 like it was yesterday when I got mine off.  He's not super excited, but I sure am!!!

Dan pre-braces, chomper style with hair...

Dan with braces,

 My handsome man sans braces....

A night needed

After a week with zero social life because of marking and single momming, a night like tonight was just what I needed.
Sister and I took off for a little light mall walking, which included a stop at Sephora.  When I asked the Sephora girl what the trends were for spring she mentioned hot pink and I laughed. As if, that was so 20 years ago, plus pink looks horrible on my already pinky toned skin.  But when I decided to try it, I was surprised to find it actually didn't look that bad.   Pink it is!
We then proceeded to have sushi. Yum!
This was followed by a walk through the Bay where I tried on some fun outfits from BCBG and  great Jessica Simpson jeans.  I concluded that I still need to drop a size before I do any serious clothes purchasing, although I was happy to see that the jeans I was trying on are a size smaller than in the fall when I last bought some. Yay!
We then headed out to Jordan's for a partylite gathering which was the perfect combination of wine, friends and l…

and the beat goes on.

It may have taken me a couple weeks after Christmas to get back on my "lose 15-20lbs" wagon, but I think I'm officially back in the groove.  This mantra is constantly playing in the back of my mind all day, willing myself to find the time to get on the treadmill or hit the weights.
It's playing so loudly, in fact that yesterday I hit an all time multitasking level of awesome: I corrected finals while walking at an incline on the treadmill.
Can't say too much for my penmanship, but whatever.  I got the job done.
Both of them, actually.


Sometimes I can get so caught up in my nightly routines.  So caught up, in fact, that if one little change happens, it can completely throw me through a loop.
The nights/days that I'm alone are down to a T and I have it perfected to an art.
The kitchen needing to be tidied before bed (a mess in the morning cramps my style) ..
to the coffee being ready, just needing the button to be pushed,
to my lunch made and ready to transfer to car,
to the precious minutes I have before a child wakes up in order to make myself look professional.  I still haven't spent more than 10 minutes doing my hair, let alone actually straightening the entire head. We'll work on that.
to the time I need to be feeding the kids breakfast in order to not be late,
to the bags needing to already be in the vehicle the night before (because how fun is it trying to get out the door in one piece with all the extra baggage)  Now isn't that a metaphor for life....
to the time I need to leave m…

The gartenofkinder

Tonight I came to a multitude of realizations as I pondered my son's academic upbringing whilst not paying attention to a presentation.
1- I'd make a bad student.  My attention span is oh, so ADHD seconds long.
2- Willis is gonna be just fine in kindergarten.  He's teacher isn't scary.
3- I'm going to be just fine with Willis in kindergarten.  In fact, tonight's parent orientation left me quite excited for the little rascal.
4- I think I'm mostly excited for him for a couple reasons.....the main one being I know he'll be challenged and will love learning, but also because the school that we chose provides door pickup for the bus route and he'll know 2 kids in his class.  For some reason I think buses should be scary, but it's good to know he'll be boarding el autobuso with his friends at daycare.
5-  I think knowing two kids, or two sets of parents, makes me feel many times reassured.  I know that he'll continue his admiration for Maya …

Where I've been, what I've done.

A year ago I made a bucket list with my brother and sister. 
Although I was hesitant to jump on board the creation of a list (I love change and found it hard to create a list that I had to stick to) (I do realize that I don't have to stick to anything, but then what's the point of making a list if you aren't going to make an effort to achieve it) I still made a meaningful effort.
Anyway, recently while watching the Bachelor, I was introduced to a new concept - a leap list- which makes way more sense to me: choose a milestone that's approaching, then think of 10 things you want to do before that milestone.
This is exactly what will work for me: it's not as macabre as a bucket list of things do to before I die, but rather goal setting in a reasonable time frame.
Now to think of some goals to set for my new leap list, and I garuantee that although "snow" skiing in San Francisco in a bikini does sound appealing, it most certainly won't be making an appe…

Tough boy

My little guy took a nasty tumble on Tuesday night.  We have sleepovers when Daddy's out of town and that happened to be one of his nights.  He LOVES to cuddle with his mommy!  Anyway, sometime around 2 am I was awoken by a scream and cry, poor guy had rolled off the way too tall king monster that we sleep in.
His Harry Potter-esque scratch didn't actually break skin, thankfully.  It could've been much worse.  Now he just has to deal with a bruiser around his eye and a cool Nike shaped scratch.

He's a tough guy though, and went back to sleep in 2 minutes after having fallen. 
What a boy.

We've been quite fortunate with him, he hasn't had many accidents, in fact when thinking back, the only time I could remember him being knocked around was when he was Lucia's age and had taken a nasty spill at daycare.
Not too shabby.

Have a great weekend!


I like to be busy in the same way that I also like to be bored: they each have their own unique convenience that keep me entertained during the week.
A couple weeks ago I decided my bedroom needed some sprucing up.  When we first moved into this house I was quick to update the otherwise boring decor.  It's been 4 years now and time to make our abode a little cozier.
Simons (my favourite french retailer) was having a sale after Christmas and it was perfect time to get a couple things to compliment what I had originally done.
I am absolutely in love with this space and seriously can't wait until I can retire to my cozy bed to read for the evening.
Check out my before, after and afterer pictures:

When purchased: 
 March 2008:

 January 2012:

A glimpse into the future?

They say that kids grow up way too quickly.
I will not even waste a minute doubting that one. One minute you have a sweet, sleeping baby in your arms, totally reliant on you for every aspect of life.  Next thing you know, that sweet baby boy is sitting at a desk, patiently working away at letters.  Line, down and hook. Line, down and hook. Josh, Justin, Jesus. What begins with J...

Next week at this time we have a kindergarten meeting for our not so little boy.
AHHHHHHHHHH.  If that doesn't tug at your heartstrings, I don't know what will.  The thought of sending my little love off on a school bus makes me want to grab that hourglass and stop every last pebble from dropping.
This can't be happening so soon.
Willis also informed me tonight that he was going to marry me.
Yup, mom.  I'm going to marry you.  Because you're sweet and I love you.
Again.  Much too old, much too soon.  Here he is, all snuggled up in his brand new pajamas and all he could say when I handed the…

and that is exactly what I needed.

This weekend I thought about my Friday post.   I also did some reading about triumphs and about living life through tragedies and trauma and all the crap that gets in the way.
In the end, what I've decided is most true, is that we all have baggage and stuff that we experience, something is bound to happen in our lives that rocks us to the core.
So what really matters is finding the love in it and holding close to those relationships that make a difference.
I'm pretty sure that anybody who has been through anything can definitely name somebody that made a difference during their rotten times.  It made me think of a story that was in a novel our grade 9 class studied this semester:
The Starfish Story
Original Story by: Loren Eisley
One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed
a boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean. 
Approaching the boy, he asked, "What are you doing?" The youth replied, "Throwing starfish back into the ocean. …

Friday contemplations

I've been finding myself lately getting caught up in thoughts about the world wind of life that can sometimes surround us.
Maybe it's just me going into reflection mode as Dad tackles his last cancer treatment tonight.
Maybe it's the constant bombarding of bad news.
Maybe this is just a passage of time. 
Maybe it's because I started reading the newspaper again and we all know how joyful it can be.
Maybe it's hormonal.
That might also explain why I felt the need to eat two chocolate bars yesterday....

DO you ever get that way when you can't stop thinking about the constant shit that people are going through?   We're getting older, the people around us are as well and our circle of friends is broadening, therefore we're more affected by people's lives.
I don't ever remember being this way. 
I mean, I lead a fairly sheltered life growing up and apart from a couple people I knew passing away during my youth and high school years, I never really e…

On the same topic.

The word melanoma was introduced into my vocabulary on August 17th, 2010.  I was at Dodge City, signing the papers on my new Journey.  I will never forget my mom's phone call, while standing in the middle of the showroom ,I lied when she asked if I was alone ;) when my world changed forever.

Melanoma is now a very big part of my vocabulary.
I am now hugely aware of how this can change someone and affect a family.
After a year of immunotheraphy treatments, Dad has one injection left and then hopefully it'll be smooth sailing from here.

This doesn't mean that I'll never have to use this word again.
What it does mean is that I'm going to be super vigilant in monitoring my own body and those of my children.
If you have someone you love in your life, please share this video with them.
And hopefully you'll never have to use this word in your life.

10 year rewind

I had a bunch of ideas about what I wanted to write about for today, but instead I got carried away reminiscing *by myself, while looking at old photos.  I'm quite impressed that my digital albums actually go back almost 10 years.  And no, I haven't scanned all my photo albums yet, in which case these pics would go even further.
For now, let's do a 10 year January rewind:


a year ago:

2 years ago in our wintery lives:

3 years ago:

 5 years ago:
6 years ago:

7 years ago:
8 years ago:
9 years ago:
10 years ago: