What's up Wednesday

Year 7.

Last night we sat down with my family to share in an anniversary cake made almost perfectly by my mom and sister.  
What made it so special was that we could share it with our beautiful and rather cheerful children.  (But who wouldn't be cheerful eating a mound of angel food goodness topped in layers of orangey whipped cream.)
Apparently had they followed the recipe, it would have been even more orangey.  I thought it was fantastic regardless.  So fantastic that I even had 2 pieces.

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary.  7 years seems like a lot, but really in the grande scheme of things, when I'm surrounded by grandparents who have been married 65 years and parents celebrating their 36ish, it's nothing.  I hope one today to be that couple that has been married FOREVER and who stands up in the middle of wedding ceremonies to share their story (Like we experienced at Alynne and Mark's wedding, which still moves me) .  Or to be that couple that still holds hands and shows their love everyday.

I adore my husband and definitely feel extremely lucky to have landed such a fine chap.
In seven years we have (in no particular order):
Had 2 homes,
Welcomed 2 children,
Adopted 2 dogs and a cat,
Got braces, lost hair, acquired grey hair,
Celebrated countless birthdays,
Maintained great friendships and made new friends too,
A date night at least once a week,
never really been in a fight (although he has p'd me off many times and me likewise, I'm sure),

and still are very much in love.

Happy Anniversary, hubby!
~la wife.


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