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A Mommy Diary, experienced Mom edition

I decided this time to ask some different questions to the more experienced Moms in my life, as there is a lot we can learn from them.
Here is what I got for answers:

From my Aunty Marcie, mother to Brett, Lea and Renée. Grandma to Brooke, Jarek and Sienna

Our best tradition we had at Christmas was,  we would pick a night to put up the Christmas tree and all together decorate the tree and had to put on Christmas music and I always had a box of Seashell chocolates and maybe Turtles .  It was kind of a prelude to the Christmas season. 

Next question was what was the best vacations.  Our best vacations were camping as we had time to have one on one with our kids playing games and sitting by the fire. 

Last question is what keeps a family close.  Doug and I both thought communication, respect for one another and lots of love.

Next up is my mother in law, Denyse.  Mom to Dan, Monique, Chris & Josh.  Nana to Willis and Lucia.

Our best Christmas traditions:
Christmas tree of course and Pork pie, Christmas stockings, going to church Christmas eve, visiting our wonderful neighbours, the giving and receiving of presents with our loved ones and having a wonderful meal for a couple of hours.  Other nice things we did were anticipate the coming of baby Jesus birthday with a homemade Advent Calendar with a little project or treat for each day, a homemade baked Christmas ring with a birthday candle to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus Christmas morning, and also making a family clay nativity set that we enjoyed the memories with each year.

Great vacations:
Travelling together all squished in our camper van and touring and camping together.  When we would go to the Rockies and all the high lights in between like Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, science centres, museums and Dinosaur Provincial Park.  As we travelled, the kids marked with highlighters on a cardboard map where we travelled each day. 

How to keep a family close:
Prayer is the one essential that opens the concerns of each of its members to the support of its family members and Jesus makes everything else happen!

Then my Aunty Chris answered....multiple times!  Mom to Sarah, K.C and Devon. 
I asked my girls these questions. These are K.C's answers.
Our best traditions.... Xmas eve at grandmas, uncles as Santa, take turns putting angel on the tree. Best family vacations... Road trips to B.C every summer.
What keeps family close.. Family events, more family get togethers and communication like facebook and Deena's blog keeps everyone in the loop with each other's lives.

Devon says Uncle Brian as Santa. 
Best travels: B.C adventures 
Keeps a family close?  Grandma and Grandpa keep us all close
From Aunty Chris:
Hi I know I didn't send you anything concrete. you mom and I were talking about this on Sunday. Your mom is so good at taking me think deeper.
For keeping a family close. One thing I would suggest to young people is to have a role model family. Your family was that to us. We did certain things with our family because your family role modeled that for us. For example. eating meals at the table together, church on Sundays, grace if not everyday at least at special occasions. many visits with Grandparents.
I also never had video games or electronic stuff for our kids. When we travelled we talked and played games and sang.
When I tucked the kids in at night. we did a good day/bad day conversation. Did anything bad happen in your day, did anything good happen in your day to end on a positive note. We did this in bed, then we counted our blessings of what we had to be thankful for as our evening prayer.

And lastly, my Mom answered my questions for me.

1. Best created traditions for Christmas?  
  1. singing in the Christmas choir and getting the boys to come to midnight mass and ask them afterwards - how was the music?  
  2. trying to continue cultural traditions like reveillons after mass and traditional foods like tourtiere and English Christmas pudding
  3. get togethers with family over the  holidays
  4. a surprise visit from Santa Claus!
2.  best vacations
  1. easy peasy - summer trips to Vernon!  Sometimes we even ventured on to the coast or took a different way home
3.  what keeps a family close?
  1. one daily sit-down meal together and everyone has a job with cleanup and dish-washing afterwards
  2. regular family outings like camping trips, picnics and travelling together to sports tournaments etc. and being dragged to your siblings games/events/etc.
  3. staying close to your grandparents as they age so respect and caring for the elderly becomes the norm.
  4. and going together to church on Sunday certainly gives you quiet time together and a totally different experience from other types of activities, plus develops a sense of community and concern for others.  Then that should always be followed with a special breakfast, even if it's just pancakes!


  1. Love this post and the insight from the more experienced moms. I especially loved your mom's list of 4 things that keep a family close.


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