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Mommy Diaries: Mel

This, of all the mommy entries, is by far the one that I'm most excited about, for many reasons:
1- Mel didn't post last time (and almost didn't this time), so I'm pumped to hear what she has to say.
2- I played ball with Mel.  She was one of the "older" (bahhaha) gals when I joined the Ganza as a "younger" (equally bahhaha because now I'm the old one) gal.  I looked up to her as a player (she's an insane short stop) and as a mom (seriously, who breastfeeds between innings other than Mel).
This lady exudes confidance, humility, humour and dignity.
I still look up to her very much and hope that some day I can bring the serious game that she has (on and off the field).

1. Things your kids do to make you smile.
My kids are all a little older now, so there's a wide variety of things they do to make me smile. Rhyan is the youngest at 5, she has always entertained herself quite easily. As long as she's got two of something in her hands, she can make them have the funniest conversations while she plays. Eavesdropping on those conversations always makes me smile if not laugh out loud! Now, my older girls, Shaye almost 14 (yikes!) and Camryn soon to be 12, are very fair haired and unfortunately they are true to their "blonde" roots. If I don't smile at some of their "moments", I'd be worrying about how they'll survive the real world! Jett, the poor soul, is the only boy in our family. He'll be 9 this New Year's Eve. He is the more quiet and sensitive of the 4 kids, so his quick wit still surprises me. My kids make me smile daily with the things they do or say, but when I think about them and how blessed I am to be their mom, my heart smiles too!

2. Favorite vacation place with your family.
Most of our vacationing is done at the lake. We love camping. We've never taken the kids on a "real" vacation, but we are hoping to take them some place warm next year. Any suggestions on a family friendly vacation spot?

3. How do you spend a rainy day @ home?
Catching up on housework and baking! The kids get put to work too! Am I a terrible mother? Once our business is taken care of, the kids have the rest of the day to watch a movie or just play and I'll usually read. If the rainy day happens to be when we are camping, we head to the nearest city for a movie!

4. What do you do to survive the long winters?
With 4 kids on 4 different hockey teams, broomball, and my husband working 2 weeks in/2 weeks out, winter is never long for me! It flies by! So, I guess I survive the winters by keeping busy.

5. What kind of traditions are you creating for Christmas?
Every year, we spend Christmas Eve with my side of the family at my mom and dad's. After a turkey dinner, most of us head to the church for midnight mass (which is at 7:30pm!). Then we have some appetizers and open some gifts. The next morning is just for our family. We spend a relatively quiet morning at home, opening our gifts from Santa and the ones exchanged between ourselves. Later in the afternoon, Stan's family comes over for another turkey dinner and we have another gift opening with them. Every year, I also take the kids to do some shopping for those less fortunate. We used to package up the shoe boxes ourselves, but the school has made things easier for us. Now we just have to do the shopping and the kids at school do the packaging.

6. If you were to have one entire day alone in your house, how would you spend it?
First, I would make sure my house was clean, laundry done and baking on hand before my "me" day. This way I could make it a true day just for myself and not feel like I should be doing something else. I would start my day on the computer, then get a good workout in. After a long, hot bath, I would read, and maybe do some scrapbooking.


  1. Deena,

    Your right I totally enjoyed the video - Can't wait till you do one for our team!!! And know that you are my Mel - you do bring serious game both on and off the field.

    Great to see you last night - Merry Christams!


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