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Mommy Diaries: Liz

Liz is probably the teacher friend that I spend the most of my time with. We work together on SRC and usually spend our noon hours hashing out our lives, trying to make sense of them. Both our kids are of the same age, so that is another advantage for me of having her at school.  She is a great friend.

Liz and her kids: Carter and Brooklyn
Things your kids do to make you smile: I love their facial expressions and the things they say.  It is so cute when Carter has caught on to things I say and uses them.  Today was, "Speaking of which, here is a pillow mom".  So precious!

Favourite vacation place with family: We love taking the kids to the lake.  We bought a new camper and this past summer we spent 25 nights there.  The kids love being outside and experiencing things at the lake like roasting marshmellows, etc. The family time is great!   We took the kids to Florida last January for 2 weeks with my parents and brother.  We had a great bonding time and Carter still talks about Florida.

How you would spend a rainy day at home:  Rainy days or cold days are hard with kids.  We play downstairs and watch movies with popcorn.  Carter loves making crafts and playing games/puzzles.  Brooklyn just does what her brother does.

What you do to survive the long winters:  I like to take kids places to get out of the house.  We make playdates, visit the grandparents, go to the library, shopping, etc.  We are hoping to actually get outside more often, but it is difficult with the little one yet.

What kind of traditions are you creating at Christmas?  My family always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve and went to church Christmas morning.  We have started going to church Christmas Eve, going to my parents' Christmas Eve and then celebrating as an immediate family Christmas morning at out house.  We will probably invite the grandparents and my brother over for supper Christmas Day. We'll see how this turns out.

If you were to have one entire day, alone in your house, how would you spend it? Alone, without kids???  Wow, can't even imagine this.  I forget what I did.  Oh, I know, I used to have a spotless house.  I would probably clean, then catch up on my shows, sleep, read and take a bath sipping some wine.  Ahhhh!