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Mommy Diaries: Kyla

My beautiful sister, my partner in crime, my shopping buddy, my vent-taker and my mommyfriend.  I need not say much for this one as she is already such a star in my eyes.  Voici ma soeur.

Kyla and Kinsey

1-Things your kids do to make you smile: I love it when Kinsey yells my name from her crib when she wakes up. It makes me feel so needed and love. Then I love just picking her up in my arms and holding her close for those special few minutes.  Anything she does or says just makes me smile because I am so proud of her and so happy her have her as a part of our life. 

2- Favourite vacation place with family: I really loved taking Kinsey to Hawaii, we had such a great time. Though I think it could have been much different depending on her age. I can't wait to take her to Disneyland or world.  I felt like such a little kid when I went there for the first time when I was seventeen.  Right now though I would love to take Kinsey somewhere warm where we could just swim, relax and play all day long.  

3- How you would spend a rainy day at home:  Reading, playing games, making a craft. Probably bake something together in the kitchen and then enjoy it with a cold glass of milk. I think I would also be outside on a rainy day too. Splashing in puddles, huddling close under an umbrella. I love it when it rains. 

4- What you do to survive the long winters: I love the winters so I don't really see it as something I need to survive.  Winter allows us to slow down the pace and enjoy each others company.  You don't feel like you need to do as much and you just enjoy looking outside at a land covered in white. I can't wait to get outside with Kinsey when the first snow hits and then playing with her.  Warm soups, baking, rosy cheeks after playing outside in the snow....can't wait!

5- What kind of traditions are you creating for Christmas. I want to start the Elf on the Shelf (or whatever that is called) soon. I am not sure what kind of traditions we are starting, though we are continuing many that have been passed down from our families. I am excited to start baking with Kinsey and getting her to help in the kitchen.  I would like to start a tradition though where we give back during the Christmas season. Whether we volunteer, do something in the community....just need to think about that one a bit more. 

6- If you were to have one entire day, alone in your house, how would you spend it? Probably cleaning, baking, reading a whole book, a bath with a lush bathbomb and a glass a wine.  However,  I get enough time in the evening and when the girls are napping to have that "me" time that I don't feel so frazzled and wanting that day alone.  I can read my book for a whole evening if I wanted to and have a nice relaxing bath. I am very grateful for that. 



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