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Mommy Diaries: Jyl

Today's blogger, Jyl is probably one of my favourite people in the world. I love her honesty, her sincerity *I suppose those would be the same things, and the inspiration she provides for me, without likely even knowing it. I would love to be able to spend more time with this remarkable woman. Check her out....
Hey Deena....I'm hoping it's not too late to send you an entry for the Mommy Diaries 2.0.  Part of the reason for the delay is that I have no good pictures of Katelyn and I together!!  If it's okay with you, I'm just going to send a pic that sums up current life with Katelyn to a tee...she's half-naked and riding her horse in the kitchen at midnight.  She's a crazy kid, but I can't imagine life without her :)

Things your kids do to make you smile:

At 22 months, everything Katelyn does makes me smile :) One of my favorites would have to be when she leans in for a kiss, closes her eyes and says, "Mmmmm.....".  Watching her take care of her baby melts my heart...she's modeling all the things I do with her and that makes me feel great!

Favourite vacation place with family:

We haven't travelled very far since Katelyn has joined the family, so I would have to pick my parents' cabin at Little Bear Lake.  There are no phones, no internet and no TV which means we're all forced to "do" things...puzzles, card games, reading books, going for walks etc.  It is so calm and peaceful up there and I really hope Katelyn makes as many wonderful memories as I have!

How you would spend a rainy day at home (with your kids):

If it's a light or warm rain, part of the day would have to involve playing with umbrellas outside, catching worms and splashing in puddles :) When we're hanging out inside, our time would involve stories in our fort (made out of blankets and the dining room chairs), some crafts and hopefully a nap or two!

What you do to survive the long winters:

Getting outside as much as possible, as long as the weather is appropriate.  If we're forced to be indoors, I try to get together with other moms/kids at least twice a week so she can have some fun with kids her own age.  At home, playing/crafting/baking/cleaning (she LOVES to help clean right now!) would hopefully take our minds off the yucky weather!

What kind of traditions are you creating for Christmas?

My favourite Christmas tradition is one my parents started more than 30 years ago...our Elf Box.  It is a small mailbox that sat in a central area (ours was always in the hall by our dining room).  In the days leading up to Christmas, the elves would check in on us every couple of days to see if we were behaving.  If we were being good, they would leave us small presents (a pack of gum, new crayons, dollar store toys etc).  The anticipation of waiting to see when the elves would stop by just about drove us bonkers!  

For Katelyn, I want to continue the traditions that my parents did with us kids...taking one full evening to decorate the house and tree (complete with Christmas music, goodies and hot chocolate!); decorating a gingerbread house; having Chinese food for Christmas Eve supper (turkey supper is always Christmas Day, so who wants to cook on Xmas Eve) and then going to church.  Under no circumstances were we ever allowed to open a gift on Christmas Eve...I still haven't decided whether I'll bend on that one or not :)

If you were to have one entire day, alone in your house, how would you spend it?

I can't even contemplate what an entire day alone would feel like!  There are four main things I would do: clean, nap, read and update my website, Sweet Baby K (but not necessarily in that order...I would probably nap first!).