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Mommy Diaries: Jordan

My dearest Jordan:
I love you like I love my sister and I have the utmost respect for you. I think you are strong and beautiful. You've held your head high and kept us all right beside you on your journey, which shows me your strength every single day.
As the famous french author, Albert Camus says: Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.
That to me, is exactly what you are in my life.
Much love.

Jordan and Calder

Things your kids do to make you smile
Calder has started calling me "Mama" or "Big Mama". I never had a nickname as a kid and every time Calder calls me one of them it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! Hugh, Calder and I also have family hugs. We all snuggle in and shower each other with kisses. Calder is so funny when he moves his lips from Hugh to I at a lightening pace (well, he thinks it's a lightening pace, but it is almost slow motion!).

Favourite vacation place with family 
Hugh and I are all about laid back vacations and Calder just loves to play, so for us the lake hits the spot. My parents have a cabin and we spent a ton of time up there this summer. If I had a transporter or port key, I would whisk us away to a beach at least once a week. Florida, Mexico, Hawaii, Greece. . . you get the picture.

How you would spend a rainy day at home
I would definitely spend some time baking. It is one of my favorite things to do and I love how cooking warms up the house on a cold day. I would start by luring Calder in with some chocolate chip cookies (where he gets to control how many chocolate chips go in his mouth and the bowl!). Baking would be followed by a competitive game of floor hockey. "He shoots. He scores!"

What you do to survive the long winters.
I definitely need some candles and a good book in the winter. It is so dark and cold in the evenings that I light a candle on almost a daily basis. I am a wimp for the cold, but I try to take advantage of getting outside on the mild days. I like to throw on my gear and head out for a walk. Hugh and I are hoping Calder enjoys skating this winter. Hugh is building a rink in our backyard, so if everything goes as planned I will be lacing up my skates multiple times a week.

Christmas Traditions
My mother-in-law always gave her boys pajamas on Christmas eve. I LOVE this. You get a gift that you can use right before bed on the most exciting night of the year. Who doesn't love new pajamas? My mom and dad always let us get up before them on Christmas morning and open our stockings, which was AWESOME. I remember my brother, sister and I crawling into each other's beds Christmas morning! (We always had to wait until 6 am to go downstairs!) Santa left our gifts unwrapped under the tree and I loved coming down the stairs and scouring for my gift. I hope some day Calder might get to do this. . . And hopefully Santa will do his part and leave his gift unwrapped! I also want to do something to acknowledge Tripp at Christmas, but I still have some thinking to do on that.

If you were to have one entire day, alone in your house, how would you spend it?
This is all dependent on my house being clean. I can't do anything fun if a messy house is hanging over my head. Let's pretend it is spick and span from top to bottom. That being said, I would organize!!!!!  I had to put 5 explanation marks because it sounds terribly boring and a lot like cleaning, but I seriously love organizing stuff! After the organizing was done, I would bake some buns and read while I waited for them to rise.



  1. Deena, you always make me cry. In the good way! Love you too.

  2. I love organizing too! Hope you have a great Christmas, Jordan. Thinking of you! Liz


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