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Mommy Diaries: Jodi

If I could elect any of my mommy friends to start a blog, I would choose Jodi. I find her to be so very interesting and inspiring.  We met when I was living in Warman and have maintained a casual chatting friendship, although she is one that I wish I could see more of. Maybe a visit glass of wine with my Warman mommy friends should be planned.  Jodi has a beautiful family, a beautiful home and most importantly is teaching her children to be kind and gracious souls.  I think she is a wonderful mommy!

Jodi, her husband Toby and their beautiful boys: Grayson and Holden

1-Things your kids do to make you smile
Where do I start with these two munchkins... Grayson is so expressive and passionate about everything he does.  He has such a stubborn personality and yet he has the biggest heart.  He is inherently goofy.  He does this crazy dance when he feels he just has to bust a move (which is usually when his little brother Holden is getting all the attention).  He makes me smile the most when he is just his loving self.  He craves big hugs and lots of kisses, especially when he is in trouble.  He is a lot like me in that way.  He feels immediate remorse and craves forgiveness immediately and his heart feels broken until he receives the forgiveness he needs.  During these tough moments I am trying to be hardcore and be the disciplinarian but all I want to do is hug him and make his heart feel full of love.  This makes me smile knowing he has a heart that big.  He asks to drink Clamato at any given time ... even after eating peanut butter which makes me shake my head.  Holden is my littlest man and he is a sweetheart.  I love how he is beginning to add words to his vocabulary but still insists on singing "he...ha....he...ha...he...ha" which translates to "go up (or down) the stairs.  I think he will be 4 and still singing that.  He also does a very expressive "UH OH" to almost everything.  He makes my heart smile when he gives his kisses and hugs.  The best is when he hears a song he loves and he will bolt in from another room and just bust a move.  He has great rhythm ...he must get that from me :)

2- Favourite vacation place with family
I loved taking my kids to Phoenix.  We went when Holden was just 5 months old and Grayson was almost 3.  We stayed in a house with a pool and just swam and lounged around with friends and family.  I loved that vacation and would do it again in a heartbeat.  We are planning a family trip to Oahu, Hawaii this Easter with close friends and their kids and I think that vacation will probably be on my "best vacation list" too.  

3- How you would spend a rainy day at home
Spending time at home on a rainy day would involve a lot of puzzles, lazy morning of breakfast buffets (my kids love breakfast and can make it last for an hour with their requests), watching Team Umizoomi, driving tractors and trucks, picking up said tractors and trucks (a hundred times), doing laundry (because that is SO much fun), refolding the laundry because the monster trucks needed a ramp and a mountain to climb over, soup for lunch, nap for Holden and some quiet time for Grayson (which usually involves building with his legos), and maybe a trip into the city to play at Lawson Heights Mall playground.  

 4- What you do to survive the long winters.
I stock up on wine... kidding (sort of ;)  We spend a lot of time outdoors.  My boys LOVE being outside which is great but I am a total suck when it comes to being cold so I usually have to suck it up and be cold or haul them in for a lot of "warm up" time.  Last Winter, we would  go for walks and pull Holden in the sleigh but this year should be a lot more fun for Holden now that he is 2 and is more mobile.  He really wasn't a great walker last winter so it was tough to be bundled up and barely able to walk.  We take trips to the mall and to the Fun Factory too to mix it up a bit.  I am hoping to find more fun inside things to do on those too cold days.  Both the boys have snowmobiles so I imagine I will be stressed out watching Grayson fly around the back yard or across a farmer's field.  My husband has framed up a rink in the back yard this year too so that should provide for some great fun. I am a figure skater and miss being on the ice so I should be able to brush up on my spins because I am too old for jumping.  Grayson started Initiation Hockey this year so we will get to partake in some early hockey games and all day tournaments :)

5- What kind of traditions are you creating for Christmas.
Every year we go to my parents for Christmas Eve and head to the farm to see the Torkelson side of the family for Christmas Day.  We usually split the week between Estevan and the farm visiting friends and family, sledding, playing outside and enjoying family.  The big traditions I want to instill in my boys is that family time is the most important and as long as we are all together, we are blessed.

6- If you were to have one entire day, alone in your house, how would you spend it?
Oh gosh... alone?  Like go to the bathroom alone, take my time showering, maybe even have a long bath...by myself?  Where do I start?  My urge would be to go to the city and "get things done" but   if I was smart, I would have a lazy morning at home, take my time getting myself together, go for a run (outside), have a coffee or two and get some of my photo-books done that I am 2 years behind in doing.  If I had to spend it at my house and not venture outside I would probably feel like I had to clean so I think I would break the rules and leave so I could meet a good friend for a long lunch, go shopping down town where I never go because hauling kids in and out of stores on Broadway is a headache, go to some specialty food and wine stores like Cava Secreta, go get a massage or a pedicure, and then make a date with my husband or a best friend I haven't seen in a long time.  JUST TAKE MY TIME... that is the kicker...to just relax and not worry about schedules.  That is the luxurious part of being alone


  1. Good one with the photo editing. That is definitely on my list(although I may have forgot to put it on my mommy diary!). I love that you would break the stay at home rule! Rebel!


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