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Mommy Diaries: Christy

Dear BFF, I think you are a wonderful mom who puts so much energy into raising your children. I think the world of you and think you're doing a fantastic job.
Just saying.
Oh, and I miss you.

Christy and her boys: Grady and Cooper

Things your kids do to make you smile
Each and every time Grady tells me he loves me it melts my heart.    It also makes me smile when I see the kids play together, which isn't often these days.  So when it does, I enjoy the moment.  Doesn't every mom secretly hope that their kids will be best friends?

Favourite vacation place with family 
Before kids, my favorite vacation place was Maui.  Now, my favorite place to be with my family is anywhere the kids are happy.  It the kids are happy, I am happy. We are still trying to figure out where the perfect vacation spot is for our family.  

How you would spend a rainy day at home (with your kids).
Puddle jumping!  Is there any other way?

What you do to survive the long winters.
We survive the long winters with lots of activities. We go to the zoo on nice days, the pool, indoor play places, kid friendly malls, play dates, classes etc etc.  We take advantage of the nice days and head out for walks, make snowmen, go tobaganning, and this year we will hopefully skate.  You have to get creative when winter in Canada lasts half the year!

What kind of traditions are you creating for Christmas.
I love Christmas and am trying to blend traditions from both sides of the family.  My favorite Christmas tradition is setting up the Christmas tree the last weekend of November if possible.  I love remembering each and every ornament and finding that special place for it on the tree.   Ironically enough, this is one tradition that is the same on both sides!

If you were to have one entire day, alone in your house, how would you spend it?
Sleeping?  Reading?  Taking a bath? Watching a movie?  Maybe all of them?  But likely I would be bored.



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