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Mommy Diaries: Carmen

I learned a lot about Carmen these past few days. Although I've known her for the majority of my life, I think I've only truly seen who she really is after this weekend.
And what is that, you ask?
Well, I see a dedicated and sensitive mom. I see a mom who would stop at nothing to make her children happy, safe and loved. She has this creative energy that can literally blow you over in either admiration or envy.  She threw the most epic birthday party for her son this weekend and I must say I was super impressed and inspired.  It was one of those events that leave you, mouth hanging open,  jaw dropped in awe.  She killed it.  I'm so very impressed with her right now.  Not everyone is gifted with the organizational and creative ability to pull off such a party, but Carmen is.  And she is letting her light shine and using her talents like she should.
Way to go Carmen, you're one seriously awesome Mommy.

Carmen and her boys, Liam and Koen
1-Things your kids do to make you smile (action, something they say...)
Liam smiles all time, but what makes me really smile is watching him try and get other people to smile back at him.  We were at the Telus store the other day and he smiled at the store clerk for about 10 minutes before the clerk finally smiled back.  It's like the guy was having an awful day and just got melted by a baby.  I love that!
Koen makes me smile when he gets into a giggle fit, usually playing with our dog, Josie.  I think it's hilarious when he's laughing so hard, you can't help but laugh your self!

2- Favourite vacation place with family (can be near or far, realistic or dreamlike, as specific as you want)
For us it is definitely at the cabin!  It's already stocked with our all our things so never any need to pack anything except food!  A wonderland with swimming, boating, quadding, beaches, playground....who could ask for anything more!

3- How you would spend a rainy day at home (with your kids).
The day would be broken up into several parts.  In the morning we would start by having breakfast in our pyjamas followed by a messy craft - then we'd get dressed for the day!  Maybe have a hot lunch, followed by nap/quiet time (aka cuddle time) watching a movie.  After that Koen would play independently while I do some household chores (like laundry or vacuuming), make a hot supper, bath time, story time, then in bed we'd tell a story about how our day went and what our favourite part was.  It would be a very, very cozy and relaxed day!

4- What you do to survive the long winters.
This is a tough one.  Last Winter nearly killed me and if it wasn't for my good friends in Warman, meeting up for coffee and playdates, I probably would have become cold, just like the weather!  Now that we're back in the city this Winter will consist of trips to the Library, Soccer Centre, Mall playgrounds, Western Development Museum, and coffee dates with friends.  I REALLY wish I was writing in this spot "Jetting off to Hawaii" that would be a VERY fun way to spend the Winter!

5- What kind of traditions are you creating for Christmas.
This year we are spending Christmas at the cabin so this will be very new!  Traditions for us always centre around being with alot of family and I hope that can always continue.  I will have to get creative with a few more traditions, would love to hear from others!

6- If you were to have one entire day, alone in your house, how would you spend it?
I would like to clean and organize.  I know that sounds terrible but I would really, really enjoy myself because I could be able to focus on a task without interruption.
I would also like to sit and learn how to do photography.
I would also like to work on some crafts from Pinterest.
I would also like to create some home video montages.  But I would need to learn how to work my program first.
I would also like to sleep.
I would also like to watch a good movie, uninterrupted.  With good snacks of course :)
Looks like I need about a week or so instead of just one day!!



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