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Mommy diaries: Candace

Candace is our last Mommy Diary until sometime after Christmas when I'll resume the Mommy Diaries, but with a difference spin; a few lessons from our more experienced moms. I look forward to putting them together to see what they have to teach us.

Candace is one of my closest friends and is very dear to me. She is like a sister and is probably one of the most giving people I know. Relatively new to the Mommy gig, she's already rocking it and is a natural in her new role!

Candace and Amelia

1- Things your kids do to make you smile
Amelia makes me smile everyday for so many different reasons.
When she wakes up in the morning and I say Good Morning she gives me the biggest smile ever.  That always starts my day right.  When she discovers something new like her hand, my finger, a toy, my hair (the list could go on) and shoves it in her mouth.  And lately she has discovered her voice, her little squeeks and sqeals make me laugh.  Also when her daddy comes home from work she gives him the biggest brightest smile ever!

2- Favourite vacation place with family
Going to the lake.  I grew up going to the lake all the time and I think the same will be for Amelia.  Also heading out to BC. We love the coast!

3- How you would spend a rainy day at home (with your kids).
It would be a PJ day with lots of cuddles, playtime and maybe a movie

4- What you do to survive the long winters.
By getting out for playdates, going to the lesuire centres, mall walking (or shopping ) with friends.  Going outside on warmer winter days for walks and playing in the snow.  And maybe one day we can add a hot winter vacation!!

5- What kind of traditions are you creating for Christmas.
My husband and I have started to talk about this one.
Go to grandma & grandpa's in PA to help decorate the tree.   When I was growing up we would go driving around looking at Christmas light displays  on houses through the city, this is something that we're going to start with our family.  I love seeing everyone's house all lit up and Christmassy.
Every year we get a real tree so starting next year we'd like to go to a tree farm & pick out/cut down our tree.  I think Christmas Eve will be just for our little family of three. Spending the evening together,  eating appetizers, playing a new board game, watch a Christmas movie.

6- If you were to have one entire day, alone in your house, how would you spend it?
I would sleep!!
Bubble bath
Sleep more