3 purple lies


Many things that I've been wanting to blog about, and since I've been concentrating on my Mommies during the week, you're left with this completely random post on just about everything.....

1) Christmas parties are always a great opportunity for people (me) to try out new outfits.  Apparently same goes for my husband......

2)  I'm at the 20 lbs lost mark!  I had plateaued for awhile and never thought I'd get over that hump. But alas, I did.  20lbs lost means that I'm officially at the weight I was at before I got knocked up with Willis.    That was 5 years ago.  Pretty sad that it took that long to get it all off. Ah well, better now than never.  Honestly, it wasn't a difficult thing to do; just some adjustments to my diet and adding in a regular workout routine had me losing around a pound a week.  I can imagine the next 20 will be a little more difficult.  But I have a plan.  And I have a goal.  And I motivation.  But first, how did I celebrate the 20 off, you ask?  This was more a present from my wonderful hubby, a fresh Versace bag all the way from Italy.  It arrived last week and I LOVE it.  Now if that isn't motivation, I don't know what is...wait- maybe a longer and healthier life for my kids and my Dan.  Yup, that's enough to get me back on that treadmill.  Now to work towards that 30 lbs goal. Oy, that sounds daunting....

3) Speaking of daunting tasks, how about 2 weeks single parenting with a sick household that is stuck in a cycle of sick, sick and more sick.  Flu, fever, pink eye, bronchial coughs....AAAAAHHHH.  I've had enough and am about ready to lysol my house down this weekend so we can finally get out of this slump.  That or drink enough red wine at Candace's tonight to wipe all the bugs out of my system.  I'm so over it.

4)  A year ago, I first wrote about my Dad's cancer diagnosis.  So, where does that leave us, a year later?  Well, Dad has had a complete year of immunotherapy treatments (Monday, Wednesday, Friday self injections of a drug called interferon) and now he only has one month and 4 days left.  That is 15 injections, if I can count correctly (highly unlikely).   I can't imagine what your year has been like, Dad, as I'm whining about 2 weeks of sick.  You've had 12 months of flu symptoms and nap more than Lucia and Kinsey combined.  We're just as excited as you are to get our energetic, life-loving Dad back! Bring on a year of celebrations!

I'm pretty sure I had more that just 4 points built up in my mind but I've forgotten.  Ah well.  Enjoy a great weekend of Christmas prepping.  We'll be doing a photoshoot, celebrating a sweet boy's birthday, prepping Christmas cards, wrapping presents, working on our video newsletter and just enjoying the precious family time!
Happy Friday.


  1. CHEERS to 20 lbs Dee! So proud of you! If only I had your determination and dedication to stick with it! Awesome Deean! You look FABULOUS! Love ya....Ali
    p.s. Congrats to your Dad too!

  2. Deena I am just so proud of you! Your hard work and perseverance has paid off and you deserve it. Being a mom, a wife, a teacher, and a zumba extrordinaire is no easy feat and you some how you keep moving despite the odds. Kudos to you!


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