What's up Wednesday

All in a week

I find it somewhat amazingly crazy how during the holidays I somehow manage to jam in more events than I have in three months combined.
It's going to be a busy week, but not the annoyingly busy kind. More so the busy that reminds me of the feelings of anticipation one experiences as a child, waiting for Santa.
So for my Christmas anticipation week, adult style, I will:
Go for drinks with my ball friends,
Finish work,
Deliver a hamper to a family in need,
Wrap the remainder of the gifts,
Finish up the mommy diaries,
Bring the kids to their immunizations,
Watch Love Actually. Twice.
Count down the days to see my BFF,
Celebrate my husbands birthday,
Find birthday present for husband,
Host a Christmas exchange and supper with the Simairs.
Spend some quality time with my brother.
Pack up and head to Prince Albert,
Celebrate Dad's retirement,
And finally, enjoy Christmas!!

Have a fabulous Monday!