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Mommy Diaries: The even more experienced Mommies

My Grandma Diehl. Mother of 7. Grandmother of 18. Great Grandmother of 16? (I lost count).
My mom sat down with Grandma earlier this month, and this is what she had to say (verbatim)
Good evening daughter - I am awfully glad that you are good at writing and recording things down- it's so amazing how so many ppl have such a difficult time remembering events!!  Talked to Aunty Louise today and can you believe she cannot recall anything from christmases when she was a child???  Hard to believe!!  And then Aunty Chris came to the lodge and she has no memories either from when she was a little girl!! Then there's me of course who can still recall the clothes I wore and many other very vivid memories.  I tired gramma out with my remembering and probing of her memory bank!  So keep writing things down - it's good to record these things!
Anyway from Gramma Diehl - speaking about family to her now is very emotional and when I read your question about what keeps a family close, …

A Mommy Diary, experienced Mom edition

I decided this time to ask some different questions to the more experienced Moms in my life, as there is a lot we can learn from them.
Here is what I got for answers:

From my Aunty Marcie, mother to Brett, Lea and Renée. Grandma to Brooke, Jarek and Sienna
Our best tradition we had at Christmas was,  we would pick a night to put up the Christmas tree and all together decorate the tree and had to put on Christmas music and I always had a box of Seashell chocolates and maybe Turtles .  It was kind of a prelude to the Christmas season. 

Next question was what was the best vacations.  Our best vacations were camping as we had time to have one on one with our kids playing games and sitting by the fire. 

Last question is what keeps a family close.  Doug and I both thought communication, respect for one another and lots of love.

Next up is my mother in law, Denyse.  Mom to Dan, Monique, Chris & Josh.  Nana to Willis and Lucia.

Our best Christmas traditions: Christmas tree of course and …

Year 7.

Last night we sat down with my family to share in an anniversary cake made almost perfectly by my mom and sister.  
What made it so special was that we could share it with our beautiful and rather cheerful children.  (But who wouldn't be cheerful eating a mound of angel food goodness topped in layers of orangey whipped cream.)
Apparently had they followed the recipe, it would have been even more orangey.  I thought it was fantastic regardless.  So fantastic that I even had 2 pieces.

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary.  7 years seems like a lot, but really in the grande scheme of things, when I'm surrounded by grandparents who have been married 65 years and parents celebrating their 36ish, it's nothing.  I hope one today to be that couple that has been married FOREVER and who stands up in the middle of wedding ceremonies to share their story (Like we experienced at Alynne and Mark's wedding, which still moves me) .  Or to be that couple that still holds hands and sh…

Christmas 2011

We have spent a most wonderful weekend with my family in Prince Albert for a very brown and unseasonably warm Christmas.
It was wonderful.
Family time is always a cherished time in my books, especially after the year we've had.  Although this house did get crazy at the best of times, it was great to have everyone together.
We ate, we played, we laughed, we photographed, we played outside, we crowned a new MarioKart champion (brother Rob, aka Little Rob).
We started a new tradition (Annual Christmas Family photo).   We embraced old traditions: Grandma P's Christmas pudding and Grandma D's Christmas buns.
Probably my favourite time of the weekend was Christmas Eve mass at St. Mark's.  It was just my mom, Kyla, the 2 Robs and I, but it was special.  Maybe it was because we so seldomly go back to the Church in which we grew up, so it was neat to see people all grown up also, or maybe because it was my siblings and I.
I don't know.
But I do know that it made me feel…

Christmas time is here.

And I'm back to blogging.
It's been great reading through the different ideas of the Mommies and I always learn a thing or two each time.  I think the most important lesson that one could take away from this is that we're all in the same boat and if we were to keep that in mind; that we're all fighting the same fight, then maybe we'd be less critical and hard on each other.
We need to appreciate each other's talents more and seek inspiration in what others do.
That's my thought anyway.

And us, over here in Simairland?  Well...we've been slacking.  I have done nothing in comparison to my other years of Christmas prep.  No 12 days of Christmas, no cookie makings, no drives through the Enchanted Forest....nothing.  Why?  Well I think the tole of singleparenting during the week, a month of a sick household, sleepless nights, fulltime jobs and not enough time has taken over my Christmas prep brain.
Do I feel less festive and prepared?  Absolutely not.

Mommy diaries: Candace

Candace is our last Mommy Diary until sometime after Christmas when I'll resume the Mommy Diaries, but with a difference spin; a few lessons from our more experienced moms. I look forward to putting them together to see what they have to teach us.

Candace is one of my closest friends and is very dear to me. She is like a sister and is probably one of the most giving people I know. Relatively new to the Mommy gig, she's already rocking it and is a natural in her new role!

Candace and Amelia

1- Things your kids do to make you smile
Amelia makes me smile everyday for so many different reasons. When she wakes up in the morning and I say Good Morning she gives me the biggest smile ever.  That always starts my day right.  When she discovers something new like her hand, my finger, a toy, my hair (the list could go on) and shoves it in her mouth.  And lately she has discovered her voice, her little squeeks and sqeals make me laugh.  Also when her daddy comes home from work sh…

Mommy Diaries: Heidi

Heidi is a great friend: she's caring, she's compassionate, she's loving and she's devoted.  I really couldn't ask for much more in a friend. I cherish every minute I get to spend with her.

Heidi and her son, Finley

Thing's my son does that make me laugh....
When our little Fin comes into our room in the morning and turns  on our light (the switch is at bedside height) to wake us up and then giggles.

Favorite vacation place....
Going to a cabin anytime anywhere in the winter just to get away. To enjoy all the outdoor activities.

How I would spend a rainy day with my son....
Definitely napping  with him, baking and reading lots of books
(kids books that is).

What I do to survive a long winter....
Normally I curl up on the couch with a glass of red wine and my husband of course and watch lots of movies and TV shows. But lately substituting the wine with a hot bevy & snacks (ha, ha).

Traditions I am creating this Christmas....
I have bought my son an advent gar…

Mommy Diaries: Mel

This, of all the mommy entries, is by far the one that I'm most excited about, for many reasons:
1- Mel didn't post last time (and almost didn't this time), so I'm pumped to hear what she has to say.
2- I played ball with Mel.  She was one of the "older" (bahhaha) gals when I joined the Ganza as a "younger" (equally bahhaha because now I'm the old one) gal.  I looked up to her as a player (she's an insane short stop) and as a mom (seriously, who breastfeeds between innings other than Mel).
This lady exudes confidance, humility, humour and dignity.
I still look up to her very much and hope that some day I can bring the serious game that she has (on and off the field).

1. Things your kids do to make you smile.
My kids are all a little older now, so there's a wide variety of things they do to make me smile. Rhyan is the youngest at 5, she has always entertained herself quite easily. As long as she's got two of something in her h…

All in a week

I find it somewhat amazingly crazy how during the holidays I somehow manage to jam in more events than I have in three months combined.
It's going to be a busy week, but not the annoyingly busy kind. More so the busy that reminds me of the feelings of anticipation one experiences as a child, waiting for Santa.
So for my Christmas anticipation week, adult style, I will:
Go for drinks with my ball friends,
Finish work,
Deliver a hamper to a family in need,
Wrap the remainder of the gifts,
Finish up the mommy diaries,
Bring the kids to their immunizations,
Watch Love Actually. Twice.
Count down the days to see my BFF,
Celebrate my husbands birthday,
Find birthday present for husband,
Host a Christmas exchange and supper with the Simairs.
Spend some quality time with my brother.
Pack up and head to Prince Albert,
Celebrate Dad's retirement,
And finally, enjoy Christmas!!

Have a fabulous Monday!

Mommy Diaries: Jyl

Today's blogger, Jyl is probably one of my favourite people in the world. I love her honesty, her sincerity *I suppose those would be the same things, and the inspiration she provides for me, without likely even knowing it. I would love to be able to spend more time with this remarkable woman. Check her out....
Hey Deena....I'm hoping it's not too late to send you an entry for the Mommy Diaries 2.0.  Part of the reason for the delay is that I have no good pictures of Katelyn and I together!!  If it's okay with you, I'm just going to send a pic that sums up current life with Katelyn to a tee...she's half-naked and riding her horse in the kitchen at midnight.  She's a crazy kid, but I can't imagine life without her :)

Things your kids do to make you smile:
At 22 months, everything Katelyn does makes me smile :) One of my favorites would have to be when she leans in for a kiss, closes her eyes and says, "Mmmmm.....".  Watching her …

Mommy Diaries: Melissa

My former roommate, my teaching buddy and my great friend, Melissa is always amazing me. I'm not sure where she finds the energy to handle two energetic boys on top of a busy classroom, but she does it and still keeps in shape and in touch with her friends. She's always so easy to catch up with and I find myself forgetting that we live in different cities!

Melissa's two sweet boys: Kole and Carson 1-Things your kids do to make you smile (action, something they say...)Each day brings a smile to my face from the time the boys wake up to the time they go to bed.  Kole's saying "you get what you get" to Carson if he doesn't get the right cup or bowl. To Carson saying his numbers in french or coming home with a new french word or phrase he has leaned in school that day. The words "I love you too", to the silly songs they sing or just listening & watching the two of them play and having their very own conversations.

2- Favourite vacation pl…

Mommy Diaries: Rae

Raelene was one of my favourite people in University and I'm pretty sure if we lived in the same city that I'd be at her house all the time, soaking up the sweetness that she is. I really need to see her sometime soon. Trip to Edmonton, anyone???

Rae and her babes: Gavin and Brianna
1-Things your kids do to make you smile (action, something they say...) 
Gavin is almost 21 months old and watching him develop his vocabulary is awesome. My favorite is definitely "wuv oo" (love you)! What a heart breaker, especially when he says it when I am putting him to bed! Brianna is four and is quite the entertainer with her dances and improv songs! Doesn't matter what kind of a day I have, when I come home and look at them I feel blessed and smile!

2- Favourite vacation place with family (can be near or far, realistic or dreamlike, as specific as you want) We bought a trailer last summer so we enjoyed quite a few weekends camping together (rain or shine). It was great fa…

Mommy Diaries: Alynne

The Alynne I met in high school and the Alynne I know now are so different.   Who'd have thought that the crazy party chick that I knew would eventually love to make crafts and cozy up in pajamas, watching Love Actually repeatedly.   I LOVE Alynne and absolutely adore the woman she has become.  I can't wait to meet number 2 in May!


Things your kids do to make you smile (action, something they say...)
His new line is “missed you so much mommy”.  This even works at 6 am on Saturday morning when he comes marching into our bedroom.
His hugs, he must have learnt this from Mark because he gives the best hugs ever.
I love it when he uses his manners.

Favourite vacation place with family (can be near or far, realistic or dreamlike, as specific as you want)
Candle Lake – Marks family owns a cabin up there.

How you would spend a rainy day at home (with your kids).
We would read books and make cookies.  K loves sports, so one minute we would be playing hockey, the next football, e…

Mommy Diaries: Carmen

I learned a lot about Carmen these past few days. Although I've known her for the majority of my life, I think I've only truly seen who she really is after this weekend.
And what is that, you ask?
Well, I see a dedicated and sensitive mom. I see a mom who would stop at nothing to make her children happy, safe and loved. She has this creative energy that can literally blow you over in either admiration or envy.  She threw the most epic birthday party for her son this weekend and I must say I was super impressed and inspired.  It was one of those events that leave you, mouth hanging open,  jaw dropped in awe.  She killed it.  I'm so very impressed with her right now.  Not everyone is gifted with the organizational and creative ability to pull off such a party, but Carmen is.  And she is letting her light shine and using her talents like she should.
Way to go Carmen, you're one seriously awesome Mommy.

Carmen and her boys, Liam and Koen 1-Things your kids do to make y…


Many things that I've been wanting to blog about, and since I've been concentrating on my Mommies during the week, you're left with this completely random post on just about everything.....

1) Christmas parties are always a great opportunity for people (me) to try out new outfits.  Apparently same goes for my husband......

2)  I'm at the 20 lbs lost mark!  I had plateaued for awhile and never thought I'd get over that hump. But alas, I did.  20lbs lost means that I'm officially at the weight I was at before I got knocked up with Willis.    That was 5 years ago.  Pretty sad that it took that long to get it all off. Ah well, better now than never.  Honestly, it wasn't a difficult thing to do; just some adjustments to my diet and adding in a regular workout routine had me losing around a pound a week.  I can imagine the next 20 will be a little more difficult.  But I have a plan.  And I have a goal.  And I motivation.  But first, how did I celebrate the 20 off…

Mommy Diaries: Jordan

My dearest Jordan:
I love you like I love my sister and I have the utmost respect for you. I think you are strong and beautiful. You've held your head high and kept us all right beside you on your journey, which shows me your strength every single day.
As the famous french author, Albert Camus says: Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.
That to me, is exactly what you are in my life.
Much love.

Jordan and Calder

Things your kids do to make you smile
Calder has started calling me "Mama" or "Big Mama". I never had a nickname as a kid and every time Calder calls me one of them it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! Hugh, Calder and I also have family hugs. We all snuggle in and shower each other with kisses. Calder is so funny when he moves his lips from Hugh to I at a lightening pace (well, he thinks it's a lightening pace, but it is almost slow motion!).

Mommy Diaries: Jodi

If I could elect any of my mommy friends to start a blog, I would choose Jodi. I find her to be so very interesting and inspiring.  We met when I was living in Warman and have maintained a casual chatting friendship, although she is one that I wish I could see more of. Maybe a visit glass of wine with my Warman mommy friends should be planned.  Jodi has a beautiful family, a beautiful home and most importantly is teaching her children to be kind and gracious souls.  I think she is a wonderful mommy!

Jodi, her husband Toby and their beautiful boys: Grayson and Holden

1-Things your kids do to make you smile
Where do I start with these two munchkins... Grayson is so expressive and passionate about everything he does.  He has such a stubborn personality and yet he has the biggest heart.  He is inherently goofy.  He does this crazy dance when he feels he just has to bust a move (which is usually when his little brother Holden is getting all the attention).  He makes me smile the most…

Mommy Diaries: Annick

I often wonder how different my life would be had I lived in Montreal like I had dreamed. 3 months chez Annick on la rive sud had me hooked. Although I didn't end up in Montreal, I do enjoy hearing about Annick's french adventures and can't wait until we start making trips up there to reinforce our kid's second language and do some serious bonding with my Quebecois family. Voici Annick. PS. When I read this I read with a french accent:

Annick & Jean-Michel,  et leurs enfants Rapheal et Olivianne.
1-Things your kids do to make you smile: Raphaël is a serial charmer with women and it always makes me smile. I also love when Olivianne transforms a word that gives a sentence a whole new and funny meaning. 
2- Favourite vacation place with family: We are looking forward to a family vacation in Disney sometime in the future, went several times as a kid with my parents and the memories are still vivid thirthy something years later;) Olivianne always gets excited…

Mommy Diaries: Christy

Dear BFF, I think you are a wonderful mom who puts so much energy into raising your children. I think the world of you and think you're doing a fantastic job.
Just saying.
Oh, and I miss you.

Christy and her boys: Grady and Cooper

Things your kids do to make you smile
Each and every time Grady tells me he loves me it melts my heart.    It also makes me smile when I see the kids play together, which isn't often these days.  So when it does, I enjoy the moment.  Doesn't every mom secretly hope that their kids will be best friends?
Favourite vacation place with family 
Before kids, my favorite vacation place was Maui.  Now, my favorite place to be with my family is anywhere the kids are happy.  It the kids are happy, I am happy. We are still trying to figure out where the perfect vacation spot is for our family.  
How you would spend a rainy day at home (with your kids). Puddle jumping!  Is there any other way?
What you do to survive the long winters. We survive the lon…

Mommy Diaries: Kyla

My beautiful sister, my partner in crime, my shopping buddy, my vent-taker and my mommyfriend.  I need not say much for this one as she is already such a star in my eyes.  Voici ma soeur.

Kyla and Kinsey

1-Things your kids do to make you smile: I love it when Kinsey yells my name from her crib when she wakes up. It makes me feel so needed and love. Then I love just picking her up in my arms and holding her close for those special few minutes.  Anything she does or says just makes me smile because I am so proud of her and so happy her have her as a part of our life. 
2- Favourite vacation place with family: I really loved taking Kinsey to Hawaii, we had such a great time. Though I think it could have been much different depending on her age. I can't wait to take her to Disneyland or world.  I felt like such a little kid when I went there for the first time when I was seventeen.  Right now though I would love to take Kinsey somewhere warm where we could just swim, relax an…

Mommy Diaries: Liz

Liz is probably the teacher friend that I spend the most of my time with. We work together on SRC and usually spend our noon hours hashing out our lives, trying to make sense of them. Both our kids are of the same age, so that is another advantage for me of having her at school.  She is a great friend.

Liz and her kids: Carter and Brooklyn Things your kids do to make you smile: I love their facial expressions and the things they say.  It is so cute when Carter has caught on to things I say and uses them.  Today was, "Speaking of which, here is a pillow mom".  So precious!

Favourite vacation place with family: We love taking the kids to the lake.  We bought a new camper and this past summer we spent 25 nights there.  The kids love being outside and experiencing things at the lake like roasting marshmellows, etc. The family time is great!   We took the kids to Florida last January for 2 weeks with my parents and brother.  We had a great bonding time and Carter still talk…