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What I learned in High School

Teaching in a high school setting is probably one of the most entertaining and frustrating jobs out there.  I spend most of my days laughing, sharing and learning.  My students are really great. But in the same breathe they also aggravate  me to the core.
There are many reasons and whether it's their fashion sense, their goals in life or their vocab, I find that I'm always on my toes with them.
But who am I to judge?  I'm sure that my teachers were just as confused at our trends.

Ah, how Clueless we really were. :)

So to give you a taste of what high school kids are like right now, I decided to really pay attention to what they were saying.  Let's see if you can understand any of this (I'm spelling the way it sounds for some of the words).......

'Sup.  Don't be a noob and get the right deets.  You're toads out of style.  What you need now, bro, is some sick flow to top that look off.   Ya, that' it.  That's deese.
What?  You don't like it?  Don't hate.   You too emo for this? Ah, snips! Don't be such a tool.  Just chill, okay?  Look I gotta bounce, I'm out.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Haha - I am sorry did Ashley help you right that???

    Hope all is well Deena - hope to see you soon!


  2. You hit it right on the head! Nicely done!


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