3 purple lies

The weekend Christmas happened. And then some.

This weekend was all about Christmas preparations.  And puking.  And fevers.  Oh my!
First, there was tree decorating. Mostly because we decorated the house Friday night (before I started my pukefest) and when Willis woke up Saturday morning to see that TicTacToe (our elf) had not arrived (we told him he likely would if the house was Christmassy), he was vexed.  So we decorated the tree (to improve the likelihood of TicTacToe returning, or me remembering to put him out)

And once TicTacToe returned on Sunday morning, Christmas and all it's glory was brought into our house.  Willis spent the morning talking to his friend, the elf.  Telling him about the presents he wants (a ball, more sweatpants and a DS) and goofing off to try to make him laugh.  It was priceless.  Lucia wasn't as fond of our elf friend.  She just stared.  But then again, she was plagued with a fever all weekend, so I don't blame her.
After we Christmasized the house, we took on some major crafting.  Willis had a box of supplies in front of him and he came up with the cutest concept (all by himself) of pasting eyes to stickers of footballs, baseballs, volleyballs, trophies  (picture below) and then putting colourful poofs for legs/arms/hair.  He then went on to name them and to tell me that his friends are growing up, so he's sad because they're going to be big kids.  Hmmmm.....

I, on the other hand, was inspired not so much by the aging of my friends, but by pinterest and had a handful of crafts I wanted to make for the holidays.  Here are my finished products....

These are magnets for the fridge/stove/wherever

All in all, this weekend passed my test on productivity and I felt good spending lots of quality time with Willis making a mess and getting cuddles from Lucia who was to out of sorts to take part in our shenanigans.
This week we start our December countdown to Christmas.  Stay tuned to see what kind of trouble we'll be getting ourselves into......


  1. I just got in Pinterest today! I may just copy all your ideas. They are marvelous!


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