3 purple lies

The ugly side of the good.

Last week we found out that  Grandma Park has breast cancer.
My Dad's Mum.
My dad is currently in month 10 of 12 in his treatment for skin cancer (immunotherapy).
Life can be wicked and nasty.  That's what I discovered this week.

I spent most of my week in anger.  When I look back at my posts I notice that I directed most of this anger towards my students, but I think deep down that I was feeling anger towards the cards that we're being dealt and in turn resentful to those who take things for granted.
Just when I thought we were 2 months away from ridding that cancerous word from our vocabulary, here we again.
My Grandma already had cancer 30 some years ago.  Uterine Cancer. 
F*ck Cancer.

After having spent a week in anger, I think I've made peace with this situation.  But that's only because of my Grandma.  She makes me so proud.
She is likely one of the strongest, most dignified ladies I know.  She doesn't miss a beat.  Ever.  And she doesn't stop smiling, joking and telling stories.
She tells the best stories.

Last night I had one of the best nights I've had in years.  It was a combination of many things that I love: Scrabble, red wine, Christmas music, online shopping (browsing only), chocolate, my husband home and a visit from Grandma and Mom.  They were in town because she's having a dye test tomorrow, the same one Dad had last year at this time and then a lumpectomy in Prince Albert later on tomorrow.
It was one of the best nights ever because you would never know that she is being affected by this dreadful disease. Her world hasn't stopped and she's just gonna keep on living.

My Grandma is my role model.  I guess she always has been, but it's just been made so much clearer now. That despite the shit that has been handed to her in life, she won't let that get in her way of
a) kicking our ass at Scrabble
b) reminiscing about wonderful Christmas memories (stay tuned in the Mommy Diaries)
c) knitting tuques and mitts for my children
and most importantly letting her joy and zest in life shine on.

She is one fine lady and will be in my prayers today.
Have a blessed weekend.

Park out.


  1. Sorry to hear about your Grandma :( Our Grandma's are like our 2nd Mothers and I feel sad that you are going through this but inspired by your Grandma. I guess she has something to teach us all about going through hard times! Thanks for sharing this. We all have alot to learn and the best ones to learn it from are the ones who walk before us:) (((hugs)))

  2. I love this blog cuz you say it so well. I was feeling the anger too but looking at her attitude and how she carries herself is amazing! She is such a strong person and definately a huge role model in my life too! Love you Grams!!


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