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Trick or Treat

Halloween is fun again!
We're now into that awesome stage with Willis where Trick or Treating is a mission to get as much candy as possible.  Or at least until the bag is too heavy for him to carry or his legs get too sore or he wants to go home and hand it out instead.
Regardless, we had a blast with him.  My cousin, K.C came out with us and we were very entertained by the enthusiastic little alienboy.


  1. I've been reading your blog intermittently for a while, I found the link from Jyl's blog and come back now and again.

    I had to comment for a couple of reasons. Firstly, your kids looked adorable in their costumes. Secondly, I live on Bolton Way and had to do a double take when I saw that sign in the background. :)

  2. What a small world, we're practically neighbors. Thanks for commenting, it made my day!


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