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Mommy Diaries: Becky

The most wonderful thing about my workplace is that at any given moment, if I need it, I can find a friend to vent to, randomly dump knowledge onto or just share a coffee with. Becky is one of these wonderful women I call my teacher friends. What is even cooler about Becky is that we have a freakish amount in common and I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know her better every day!

Becky and her babes: Whitney and Logan. And of course her husband, Tony.

Things that my kids do to make me smile and laugh...  
well anytime my 4 year old daughter opens her mouth she always has something interesting to say or ask!!! One of her most recent thougths are "Mom, when can I get a BISA card??" I had to laugh, I guess you know you like to shop too much when your 4 year old catches on to it!! And Logie Perogie, he makes me laugh daily!! He is behind in his talking. He will be 3 in February and he has just started putting words together.  His favorite is "Bicky... ToopyBino" Yes, my 2 year old has called me daddy and now he calls me by my first name. He has yet to call me mommy! I am just happy that he has FINALLY decided to talk... frankly he can call me whatever he wants, I just love to hear him talk!!!

Favourite vacation place with family  
Our favorite place is our cabin at Anglin Lake. Its a quite lake but we love to be away from the stresses of work and school and just truly enjoy the kids, the cabin and our boat.

How you would spend a rainy day at home   
Lord knows we love rainy days!!! This is just an easy excuse to stay in the pyjama's ALL DAY!!!  and not feel guilty that you are missing anything outside.

What you do to survive the long winters
We love weekends. My husband and I love to entertain!!! We do most of this during the winters, on Fridays and Saturdays.  We have many friends with kids the same ages as ours so we quite often will have people over on Friday and Saturday nights for supper and ya know.... a little ROCKBAND!!!

What kind of traditions are you creating for Christmas
Its funny with Christmas traditions..... My husband and I did things totally different when we were both kids and we both want to pass our traditions down to our kids.  I used to be allowed to open one present on xmas eve and then Santa would come during the night leaving big presents that were left unwrapped (along with the already wrapped gifts under the tree from mom and dad) My husband would open all gifts under the tree and then Santa would come during the night and leave gifts that were wrapped for the kids to see. So far, our Christmas' have been similar to mine when I was young, but my husband still laughs at me as I put the big gifts under the tree that are from Santa. He doesn't understand why "Santa wouldn't wrap the gifts?" Anyways, it always works out. We are Together, Happy, Thankful and Grateful for each other!!!! 

If you were to have one entire day, alone in your house, how would you spend it?
Well for those of you who know me.............. I would CLEAN!!!! I love a clean house and sickly enough...... I find peace when I am cleaning. Please don't phone the mental hospital...... My feelings are that I am proud of my home. I look at it as a huge accomplishment for all my hard work in school, in work,.......... in life and I really want to take care of it!!!! These days are few and far between, but I do what I can with the time I am given!!!!  My kids always come first to a clean house, and if they want to play... then the gloves come off!!!!!


  1. If I had a number to a mental hospital, I would call it Becky! I also LOVE a clean house, but the fact that you find peace in cleaning. . . CRAZY! LOL!

    Love how you said "the gloves come off" when the kids want to play!

  2. can't call that any different than a guy being fussy with his car washing and polishing it right? does make you feel good to have things spanky clean. sometimes i just like to let things get really gritty and make the job really worthwhile!

  3. You and I are so much alike. I also LOVE cleaning! I would rather clean toilets than mark papers. I also feel at peace cleaning and in a clean house! Love it! Liz


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