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Looking back

This weekend I took a moment to sit down and look back on my last year via le blog.  I think my blogbooks have quickly become one of my prized possessions; they are a great tool for reflection and pause in a busy life.

A year ago I was :
freaking out over Lucia's size, or more so to people's reactions to it. HERE
dreaming of other career possibilities, inspired by my friend, Jyl's endeavors, HERE
redecorating my living room, HERE, which I've since redone ;)
babbling about nonsense, HERE

I see not much has changed in the past year and the things that occupied my mind in November of 2010 still find a place now.  How about 2 years ago? Well....

2 years ago I was :
sharing my morning prayer, HERE
daydreaming of Christmas plans, HERE
babbling about Mother Goose nonsense, HERE
praying for two friends who went into early labour, HERE

Again, not much changes.  Sometimes I even feel like my blogtopics are recycled and old, but hey, I'm having fun, so whatever.

Happy Monday


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