3 purple lies

Deena the Grouch

It's been two days in a row now that I've not been able to get myself out of this slump.  I don't want to exercise, I'm snappy with the kids and husband and my self image is pitiful.  I'm hoping this doesn't last long.
What I'm noticing is that when I'm in such a slump, I get so caught up in self pity that I can hardly recognize the great things around me.
For instance: husband scratched my head last night until I fell asleep (my fave!)
or a friend posted something sweet on my facebook wall that made me smile.  Or the co-worker who brought us coffees for our 1st period prep, or the student who wrote kind words to me......I could go on.
Point is that all it takes is for me to recognize all the beauty and bam, that PMS induced mad house who took over my body and mind is out.
The Grouch is out.
What I see now so clearly is how far sincere, kind words or actions can go in making someone smile.  So today at work and in my day, I'm going to go out of my way to say something nice to someone and hopefully it'll brighten up their day a bit too!