3 purple lies

C'est le but!

I did many things last night that I'm very proud of:
1- I located a site online that streams NHL games, notably the Oilers (long family history of team support, and because I like my family and somewhat like hockey, I shall continue to support and participate in all the hoopla in order to show example to my young, impressionable son.  Sports = good.  Drugs = not good.  I'd rather him be a hockey fan than a fan of other things illegal)
2- Said Oilers vs. Habs game was in français, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  C'est le but! Il tire!  I vividly remember Saturday nights when I was staying at Annick's in Montréal in grade 11.  The whole family would pile into her basement, get cozy, order chicken from St-Hubert and watch a hockey game.  Great times!
3- I procrastinated and did NOT do my corrections, which I purposely brought home to accomplish. Nope, not here.  Even though report cards are due Monday and this assignment is imperative to mark.  No way, that still didn't motivate me.
4- Instead I edited a video, being inspired by my grade 10s who just completed a rather awesome project, I must add, in their Français 10 course.  They created a movie trailer for the play, Zone.  So I felt I should do something similar for them.  Well that and I'm behind in my Simair video updates.
5- I did the video to my new favourite french song: Elle me dit by Mika.  LOVE.   Even if you don't know what they're saying you'll still be singing it.  Guaranteed.
6- I ate a slice of Dan's Saskatoon berry pie.  Oops.  But it was so good.
6- I ran (fully knowing I'd eat pie tonight) and did my JM before getting the kids which I'm seeing is essential if I actually have full intentions on working out.  Get it out of the way and bam, I have a night to myself to procrastinate, make videos and watch french hockey.
C'est la vie.
Elle me l'a dit.
~ Mme. Simair


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