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A call out to all mommies

Over the past couple weeks I have been collecting some answers to questions posed to my mommy friends out there.  They've been trickling in and I'm finally ready to start posting again.  I really enjoyed the last Mommy Diary segment in May and I learned  a lot from the beautiful ladies who surround me.  I sure hope that this go around can be the same.
So if you received my email and are slowly piecing together a response for me (please and thank you!) then keep working at it and have it in sometime in the next couple weeks.  I have enough answers to cover a good couple of weeks, so you do have some time!  I want to hear from you.  These Mommy Diaries are only a success because you are willing to share.

If you weren't on my email list, or I missed you somehow and you think you'd like to participate, then I'll post the questions and you can email your responses, along with a picture if you have one.
Thanks again to all those who have sent in their answers! I can't wait to put them all together and start next week.

Here are the questions in this segment, (I sent these one to our "younger" moms, there are separate questions for the "experienced" moms, they will follow these)

"Young" moms
1-Things your kids do to make you smile (action, something they say...)
2- Favourite vacation place with family (can be near or far, realistic or dreamlike, as specific as you want)
3- How you would spend a rainy day at home (with your kids).
4- What you do to survive the long winters.
5- What kind of traditions are you creating for Christmas.
6- If you were to have one entire day, alone in your house, how would you spend it?

 "Experienced" moms (feel free to forward to your own Mother)
1- What were the best traditions you created in your family for Christmases.
2-  What were some of the best vacations you took with your families.
3- What keeps a family close.

Thanks again!