3 purple lies


It feels like I spent my entire day yesterday disciplining kids.  Don't do this.  Don't do that.
Teaching can be exhausting.  I wouldn't even go as far as calling what I did yesterday teaching.  It's tough to even touch the curriculum when the students are bonkers.  The energy-sucking type of bonkers that leaves me feeling mad, resentful, grouchy, frustrated and pooped.  Add a 3 day consecutive sinus migraine-type headache and I'm not a super happy camper.

So I come home to my kids exhausted from having spent the day reprimanding someone else's kids and I'm left to dig deep and not take it out on them.
So I try to focus on nothing but hugs, kisses and cuddles  Because I know that when I'm in my worst spot, career wise that is, that a little love from my munchkins can easily make me forget my day.

I therefore spend my night erasing my memories of my day and filling my mind, heart and soul with as much 4 year old sincere goodness and 18 month old cuteness as I can so that I can be better the next day.

And I end my day doing everything backwards.  Having just spent the day telling kids how to do things properly, I do everything that as a mom, I'm not "supposed" to do.  Willis knows Dad's out of of town and he requests a sleepover in my bed?  Of course you can, Willis.  Lucia wakes up often, crying....I'm in there in a flash to soothe her and rock her back to sleep.  And you know what?  My backwards moments of parenting were my most rewarding part of my day.  The cuddles I get from Willis at night are priceless and those precious minutes I spent staring at my sleeping angel as I rocked her back and forth and back and forth and back and forth gives me enough fuel to get through another day.

Maybe I should start teaching my students backwards.  Whatever that means....


  1. ok, backwards... instead of saying no, try doing what they do in improv groups... you are not allowed to say "no" to anything, you have to mold it into something doable...in some random strange crazy way. could be interesting :) hahahahaha


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