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Mommy Diaries: Christa

I went to high school with Christa, having much in common she was an easy person for me to get along with.  I haven't seen Christa since high school, but have been brought closer to her through technology, I love blogs for this matter.  Not only do I get to watch her grow into a devoted mother, but I also get to see, from what feels like a firsthand view, the beautiful formation of her daughter.  I love her blog.  She is so natural at everything in life and she reminds me much of my sister.  I think if we lived closer this would be an easy friendship. Also helps that our daughters are so close in age!
Christa and her babe, Vaya and husband, Ryan.

1-Things your kids do to make you smile
Everything. Seriously, Vaya is a little comedian. My favourite things lately are her very off-key serenades that are usually performed while in the van. I am also digging her conversation which is pure babble but girl knows what she is saying and it usually ends with giggles. I love how Vaya s…

Mommy Diaries: Kim

When I first became a mom, I was living in Warman and just in the process of meeting a fantastic group of ladies who were also just becoming mommas.  Kim was one of these remarkable women who helped eased me into the great role of motherhood.  She has the most welcoming smile and loving heart and is constantly giving out praise, with utmost sincerity.  She makes me feel good about myself.  We moved from Warman shortly after Willis was born and Kim is one of the ladies that I'm glad to still be in contact with, even if we don't see each other often. Je vous présente Kim:
Kim and her kids: Beckett, Cooper & Paisley and her hubby, Corey
1-Things your kids do to make you smile

It's funny how kids, even though siblings can be so very different. I will start with Cooper (since he is my middle child) he should go first for at least something. He is my sweet BIG boy, he loves to give kisses and cuddle and he is at that repeat stage that we ALL love soo much ( kidding). H…

The weekend Christmas happened. And then some.

This weekend was all about Christmas preparations.  And puking.  And fevers.  Oh my!
First, there was tree decorating. Mostly because we decorated the house Friday night (before I started my pukefest) and when Willis woke up Saturday morning to see that TicTacToe (our elf) had not arrived (we told him he likely would if the house was Christmassy), he was vexed.  So we decorated the tree (to improve the likelihood of TicTacToe returning, or me remembering to put him out)

And once TicTacToe returned on Sunday morning, Christmas and all it's glory was brought into our house.  Willis spent the morning talking to his friend, the elf.  Telling him about the presents he wants (a ball, more sweatpants and a DS) and goofing off to try to make him laugh.  It was priceless.  Lucia wasn't as fond of our elf friend.  She just stared.  But then again, she was plagued with a fever all weekend, so I don't blame her.
After we Christmasized the house, we took on some major crafting.  Willi…

Mommy Diaries: Becky

The most wonderful thing about my workplace is that at any given moment, if I need it, I can find a friend to vent to, randomly dump knowledge onto or just share a coffee with. Becky is one of these wonderful women I call my teacher friends. What is even cooler about Becky is that we have a freakish amount in common and I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know her better every day!

Becky and her babes: Whitney and Logan. And of course her husband, Tony.
Things that my kids do to make me smile and laugh...
well anytime my 4 year old daughter opens her mouth she always has something interesting to say or ask!!! One of her most recent thougths are "Mom, when can I get a BISA card??" I had to laugh, I guess you know you like to shop too much when your 4 year old catches on to it!! And Logie Perogie, he makes me laugh daily!! He is behind in his talking. He will be 3 in February and he has just started putting words together.  His favorite is "Bicky... ToopyBino&…

Mommy Diaries: Sara

Sara is a great friend, a beautiful person and a giving mother.  I absolutely adore this woman.

Sara and Aiden 1-Things your kids do to make you smile Aiden is kinda growing out of this but he wouldn't call animals by their actual name he would call them by the sounds they make.  For example, a cow he'd call a "moo", a sheep would be a "baa", horse would be a "nay", a bear, lion, tiger, dinosour would be a "roar", we struggled with a zebra and giraffe cause I don't really know what kind of noises they make...He still calls a rooster a "doodle do".
2- Favourite vacation place with family We haven't really been many places with Aiden but we did go on a hot holiday to Royal Solaris in Los Cabos last year.  It was a 5 hour flight but the resort was right on the beach and had a really fun waterpark for kids with animal theamed slides, which was perfect for Aiden who is an animal lover.  There was also an arcade which …

Mommy Diaries: Monique

Je vous présente one of my most inspiring teacher friends, Mme. Bowes, aka Monique.   She is what I aspire to be everyday: enthusiastic, full of passion, always smiling and loving. 
Monique and her boys: Sam and Charlie
1-Things your kids do to make you smile Everything!  Sam has tons of cute insights that make me smile daily.... interesting, sweet little things that make me laugh.  Charlie is at that cute baby stage where every day he also makes me smile... with his new words (mama, sa(m), zy (daisy), dada, ball) or his huge, toothy grin.
2- Favourite vacation place with family LOVE Waskesiu.  The boys have a blast, playing outside, building a pirate ship, going to the playground, and I love the time that we can be together.
3- How you would spend a rainy day at home: Movies, crafts, colouring, reading books, building a fort...
4- What you do to survive the long winters. We try to get out often - to the museum, dinobouncers, the science centre.  We've been known to bundle up b…

Mommy Diaries: Elaina

Elaina (read here) was a brand new mom when I did my original Mommy Diaries post, now she is on the last half of her mat leave before she comes back to work (with me!) and is already a pro. She is also beautiful person that always makes me feel good about myself and somehow leaves me smiling.  I truly enjoy her company and her little man is the sweetest little thing too!
Elaina and her babe, Jaxon 
1-Things your kids do to make you smile 

I love walking into Jaxon’ s crib in the morning or after a nap, and the smile he gives me fills my heart and puts the biggest smile on my face.  He has just learned how to kiss me (only mom) back and that right now is the best feeling in the WORLD!!!!

2.  Favourite vacation place with family

We have not gone on many trips with Jax, but in February we are off to Palm Springs.  Palm Springs is a favorite place for my family and I to go over the holidays.  I am sure that it will be even better now that we have Jaxon with us.

3. How you would spend a rainy …

This is me: Mommy Diaries .2

Welcome to round two of the Mommy Diaries. Different questions provided and hopefully some new insight to the greatest job on the planet! I figure I should probably start this off......
ps. if you haven't handed in your submission, don't fret, there's still time. I'm waiting for you.... 

My Babes: Lucia Kelly and Willis Jules
1-Things your kids do to make you smile (action, something they say...)

How Willis randomly comes up with the wildest ideas or craziest memories.  We'll be walking down the street when suddenly he'll spurt out lyrics to some random song.   I'm sexy and I know it.  Lucia is hilarious right now.  Put her down in any store and she's running up and down the aisles, screaming at people or saying hi.  Too cute.  Or when she puts her hands on her butt and shakes it.  Bahahahah.

2- Favourite vacation place with family (can be near or far, realistic or dreamlike, as specific as you want)

Our best vacation by far was San Diego. If I wasn'…

The ugly side of the good.

Last week we found out that  Grandma Park has breast cancer.
My Dad's Mum.
My dad is currently in month 10 of 12 in his treatment for skin cancer (immunotherapy).
Life can be wicked and nasty.  That's what I discovered this week.

I spent most of my week in anger.  When I look back at my posts I notice that I directed most of this anger towards my students, but I think deep down that I was feeling anger towards the cards that we're being dealt and in turn resentful to those who take things for granted.
Just when I thought we were 2 months away from ridding that cancerous word from our vocabulary, here we again.
My Grandma already had cancer 30 some years ago.  Uterine Cancer. 
F*ck Cancer.

After having spent a week in anger, I think I've made peace with this situation.  But that's only because of my Grandma.  She makes me so proud.
She is likely one of the strongest, most dignified ladies I know.  She doesn't miss a beat.  Ever.  And she doesn't stop smili…

Inspirations and musings way too late at night.

I have a couple people in my life who are always doling out awesomeness.  They inspire me to be a better person, and more specifically, a better teacher.  They are both french teachers, by coincidence  and just in the past month, they've unknowingly placed little nuggets of information here and there that I've scooped up and soaked in and applied to my life.
Whether it's music, activities or general enthusiasm; I've found a way to be inspired by these two ladies.  I want to be like them and bring so much passion to my lessons and to my classroom because in all honesty, right now it just feels like I'm merely surviving.

So I take what they've indirectly shown me and I've found ways to spice up my lessons.  Once upon a time, I think I'd have no problem doing this, but in all honesty, right now I'm not there.  I need a way to make things more exciting.
I therefore started thinking about what is important to me right now, as a teacher.  And really it&#…


It feels like I spent my entire day yesterday disciplining kids.  Don't do this.  Don't do that.
Teaching can be exhausting.  I wouldn't even go as far as calling what I did yesterday teaching.  It's tough to even touch the curriculum when the students are bonkers.  The energy-sucking type of bonkers that leaves me feeling mad, resentful, grouchy, frustrated and pooped.  Add a 3 day consecutive sinus migraine-type headache and I'm not a super happy camper.

So I come home to my kids exhausted from having spent the day reprimanding someone else's kids and I'm left to dig deep and not take it out on them.
So I try to focus on nothing but hugs, kisses and cuddles  Because I know that when I'm in my worst spot, career wise that is, that a little love from my munchkins can easily make me forget my day.

I therefore spend my night erasing my memories of my day and filling my mind, heart and soul with as much 4 year old sincere goodness and 18 month old cutenes…

A call out to all mommies

Over the past couple weeks I have been collecting some answers to questions posed to my mommy friends out there.  They've been trickling in and I'm finally ready to start posting again.  I really enjoyed the last Mommy Diary segment in May and I learned  a lot from the beautiful ladies who surround me.  I sure hope that this go around can be the same.
So if you received my email and are slowly piecing together a response for me (please and thank you!) then keep working at it and have it in sometime in the next couple weeks.  I have enough answers to cover a good couple of weeks, so you do have some time!  I want to hear from you.  These Mommy Diaries are only a success because you are willing to share.

If you weren't on my email list, or I missed you somehow and you think you'd like to participate, then I'll post the questions and you can email your responses, along with a picture if you have one.
Thanks again to all those who have sent in their answers! I can'…

Looking back

This weekend I took a moment to sit down and look back on my last year via le blog.  I think my blogbooks have quickly become one of my prized possessions; they are a great tool for reflection and pause in a busy life.

A year ago I was :
freaking out over Lucia's size, or more so to people's reactions to it. HERE
dreaming of other career possibilities, inspired by my friend, Jyl's endeavors, HERE
redecorating my living room, HERE, which I've since redone ;)
babbling about nonsense, HERE

I see not much has changed in the past year and the things that occupied my mind in November of 2010 still find a place now.  How about 2 years ago? Well....

2 years ago I was :
sharing my morning prayer, HERE
daydreaming of Christmas plans, HERE
babbling about Mother Goose nonsense, HERE
praying for two friends who went into early labour, HERE

Again, not much changes.  Sometimes I even feel like my blogtopics are recycled and old, but hey, I'm having fun, so whatever.


In Remembrance

Thanks to the veterans, war is not something I will likely know or have to experience in my life.  I will not have to send my son off at the tender age of 18, I will not have to deal with the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that comes with the service and sacrifice that these brave men often face.
Nonetheless, I am grateful.  Today I will remember especially a man I never knew: my great Uncle Mike.  He was my mom's uncle.
Lest we forget
 My information comes for the Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial

In memory of
Flight Sergeant
Michael Patrick Kimber
who died on 25 Jun 1943
Service detailsConflictWWII
ServiceRCAFUnitNo. 428 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air ForceRankFlight SergeantService numberR98960Date of death19430625Cause of deathkilled in actionNarrative historyR98960 Flight Sergeant (No. 428 Ghost Squadron RCAF Halifax air gunner) Michael Patrick Kimber (b.1916) of Blaine Lake was KIA 19430625 in a night bombing run over Wupperthal and is buried at Groesbeek Canadian war cemetery near…


I was grouchy yesterday. Good thing for everyone and by everyone mostly I mean my students, today is a new day.
I will make an effort to smile more.
Or I will dance.
Pourquoi tu gaches ta vie??!!
Or i could just play with swords.
I love random phone pictures.

C'est le but!

I did many things last night that I'm very proud of:
1- I located a site online that streams NHL games, notably the Oilers (long family history of team support, and because I like my family and somewhat like hockey, I shall continue to support and participate in all the hoopla in order to show example to my young, impressionable son.  Sports = good.  Drugs = not good.  I'd rather him be a hockey fan than a fan of other things illegal)
2- Said Oilers vs. Habs game was in français, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  C'est le but! Il tire!  I vividly remember Saturday nights when I was staying at Annick's in Montréal in grade 11.  The whole family would pile into her basement, get cozy, order chicken from St-Hubert and watch a hockey game.  Great times!
3- I procrastinated and did NOT do my corrections, which I purposely brought home to accomplish. Nope, not here.  Even though report cards are due Monday and this assignment is imperative to mark.  No way, that still didn't…

Needs and other thoughts

I need my friends in my life as much as I need food in my belly, a house over my head and family to hold on to.
What would you do without a friend to call?  I don't know about you, but they have been a staple in my life for years.
My friends are the ones who have held my hand and walked beside me through life's ugliest and most beautiful moments.  They are the girls who will continue to be present as our lives shift and change and grow.
A need in my life?  Absolutely. I am a better person because of them.
I have two separate but very strong groups of friends.  One group I've known through growing up and high school and the other that I met in university through sports.  Our friendships are based on different things and are quite different, but I love them all the same.
Having just come off of a couple great visits with both sets of friends, I have been left feeling humbled for the gifts they bring into my life.  They are beautiful women, inspiring moms & gracious frie…

Weekend phone pictures

I'm feeling uninspired to write today so instead I'll unleash my fave iPhone pics from a fantastic weekend.

What I learned in High School

Teaching in a high school setting is probably one of the most entertaining and frustrating jobs out there.  I spend most of my days laughing, sharing and learning.  My students are really great. But in the same breathe they also aggravate  me to the core.
There are many reasons and whether it's their fashion sense, their goals in life or their vocab, I find that I'm always on my toes with them.
But who am I to judge?  I'm sure that my teachers were just as confused at our trends.

Ah, how Clueless we really were. :)

So to give you a taste of what high school kids are like right now, I decided to really pay attention to what they were saying.  Let's see if you can understand any of this (I'm spelling the way it sounds for some of the words).......

'Sup.  Don't be a noob and get the right deets.  You're toads out of style.  What you need now, bro, is some sick flow to top that look off.   Ya, that' it.  That's deese.
What?  You don't like it?…

another one bites the dust

Last year around this time, we got rid of our landline.  It was a somewhat easy decision as I couldn't justify paying for that line plus two cell bills.  A year later and I haven't regretted it for a moment.
This year's cut will a little more difficult:  Digital T.V.  I love my PVR, I love cuddling up on the couch to watch my shows, but in reality, all my shows are free online so really, why should I pay for them.
Today is our last day and our equipment will be picked up on Friday.  We'll likely spend the weekend rearranging our house so that our T.Vs can be hooked up to the internet so we can stream everything.  Hopefully I'll feel like nothing has changed.
Time will only tell.
Maybe ask me again when ball season starts.........

Deena the Grouch

It's been two days in a row now that I've not been able to get myself out of this slump.  I don't want to exercise, I'm snappy with the kids and husband and my self image is pitiful.  I'm hoping this doesn't last long.
What I'm noticing is that when I'm in such a slump, I get so caught up in self pity that I can hardly recognize the great things around me.
For instance: husband scratched my head last night until I fell asleep (my fave!)
or a friend posted something sweet on my facebook wall that made me smile.  Or the co-worker who brought us coffees for our 1st period prep, or the student who wrote kind words to me......I could go on.
Point is that all it takes is for me to recognize all the beauty and bam, that PMS induced mad house who took over my body and mind is out.
The Grouch is out.
What I see now so clearly is how far sincere, kind words or actions can go in making someone smile.  So today at work and in my day, I'm going to go out of my…

Trick or Treat

Halloween is fun again!
We're now into that awesome stage with Willis where Trick or Treating is a mission to get as much candy as possible.  Or at least until the bag is too heavy for him to carry or his legs get too sore or he wants to go home and hand it out instead.
Regardless, we had a blast with him.  My cousin, K.C came out with us and we were very entertained by the enthusiastic little alienboy.