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What we've been up to: the Gates' Preview

Lots has been going on my world.
Most recently, Kyla and I have been busy busy busy with our cameras.
We've even gone as far as coming up with a name for our new business:
Parkography {Specialty photos and videos from the heart}
Actually, I just added that last part on a whim. Thoughts?
We still have lots to do (webpage, business cards and all that jazz) but for now let's take a look at the fun stuff:

This past weekend we had the joy of photographing our friends, Keri and Chris and their two little munchkins, Dylan and Drew.
It was a perfect fall day.  And I gotta tell ya, Dylan was unbelievably well behaved. He's a freaking model in training, I tell ya.
I can't say enough good things about this family.  Kyla and I both agreed at the end of our shoot that they are the type of people you want in your life.  Good people are hard to find and what Keri and Chris are creating is proof of all the great things in our world.
Friends like them are hard to come by and I really hope we can see them more often!

Here is a preview of some of my favourite shots:

there was a rooster right behind them.



  1. Great photos and I love the business name! I'm excited to watch your business venture unfold!

  2. My favorite is the b/w of Kerri and Drew. Very great pictures.

  3. Great pics!Even better looking family.... :)


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