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While roaming the hall of Cross, I often find myself wondering about 10 years from now when my kids are in high school.  Who will be their friends?  What will they be like?  Will they be at this school?  What sports will they play?  I could go on forever.
Yesterday and today are parent/teacher/student conferences at my school.  Although they can be tiring, I do love these events because it opens my eyes to so many different parenting styles.  There have been numerous families that I have absolutely admired and can honestly say I hope my kids are like that:  Respectful.  Kind.  Responsible.  Caring.  Hard Working.  If Lucia and Willis can come out with any of those qualities, I'll be a happy mom.
Lately I've been vexed with the thought of kindergarten registration for Willis.  As far as I know, it'll be in the new year and I'm really not prepared.  We have two really good options and to be honest, I keep flip flopping back and forth between the two.
They are both obviously French Immersion and in the Catholic Division.
They both have great teachers.
One is closer to our house.
One has a band program.
The other offers free busing.
One has kids from all over the city.

How does one make this decision?  So many things in my kids' lives will be affected by their school. And not to mention my kids' lives, but the lives of their cousins, as the Golightly clan will follow suit. Their school = their friendships, their interests in life, their little personalities.....a parent can do much for this but the school has such an influence as well.

I need to do some thinking.  I need to talk to some teachers and parents.  I feel totally out of my element.

And that is where I'm at right now.

But hey, it's Friday and it's going to be jam packed weekend with lots of dodgeball, cops and robbers, colouring, crafting, uno and playing outside. And that's in the first hour.

Enjoy it, folks!


  1. Long bus rides build character. And you can always take music lessons privately. No crazy American Pie stories necessary.

  2. I am kind of liking the idea of one closer to home...i would like a full power point presentation showing us the pros and cons of each schools. Pictures required. and music. bonus points if it is NKOTB.

  3. to kyla's request I would like to add an interpretive dance illustrating a typical day/week/year at each school.


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