3 purple lies

Things I did this weekend:

I started my Christmas shopping list.  This I find hard to do at the last minute as I like to make my gifts as thoughtful as possible.  I also find it difficult to buy for my kids. Really, what do they need.  I could get them a box and they'd be pleased.

I went on a date with Willis to church on Sunday night.  He was very well behaved and wouldn't stop asking Jesus questions. We talked about why Jesus died, prayer and talking to people when they are in heaven and angels.  He still remembers the story I told him about my friend, Kelly and that warms my heart. 

I dressed up as a Disney princess.

I made homemade chicken quinoa vegetable soup.  Sans recipe.

I fell asleep, for the night on Friday at 7 pm.

I ate Vietnamese food. Twice.

I didn't lose my 1 lb/week.  Likely because of the Vietnamese food.

I bought our Halloween candy and did not open the box, as tempting as it was.

I dressed my mom and my sister up as a Disney princess.

I saw Footloose with Candace and Sara.

I finally made a Willis/Lucia video, I've been seriously slacking in that department.

I browsed simons.ca on my mom's behalf and with Kyla's evil-doings, we ordered her 2 jackets.  She has no clue what she's getting into with us. Bahahahahahah

Have a lovely Monday!


  1. So cute! They are growing up so much since I last saw them!


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