3 purple lies

Taking care of 3

I babysat Kinsey last night while Kyla worked my dream job at Sephora.  I'm single-momming it this week so it was me and the three nutcases.  I decided it'd be entertaining to dictate what was happening as we played in the basement.

Lucia, watch this.  Willis the entertainer is on the couch, bouncing.  I'm going to balance this on my nose. On my head, I mean.  I'm going to play hit the balls.
Vroom Vroom.  Lucia is oblivious to the show on the couch.  She'd rather drive around on her car.
Kitty's here, try to hide from her.  Enter our cat, Sniper. 
Hi baby,
Hi titty
Hey titties,
Kitty, meow meow
Tickle tickle tickle tickle screams Kinsey as she runs into the playroom.
Hi. Hi. Hi!  As if it's the only word she knows, Lucia runs around in reply.
Willis begins to roar like a lion.  Mom, Kinsey was eating something.
Ball. Lucia bangs on my keyboard, repeatedly hitting the backspace.  This sentence took me 5 minutes to write, she was having so much fun.
Ah, says Kinsey as she watches me take a sip from my Coke.

Mom, Kinsey was eating a bullet, like, Mom, Kinsey was eating this.  Ya she was.  He then chucks it at her head. *Note, these are plastic, nerf "bullets"
Not yours, it's mine.  More throwing.
Kinsey is unsure what to think of this.  Lucia in the meantime is rolling around on the Cars bed.  Up and down. Up and donw.
Kinsey is now collecting all the balls in the basement and putting them on my lap.

Hi Coco.
T VZ GF2W,.  Lucia was determined to sit on my lap and type as well.

They are now happily eating cookies and dancing.  It's gonna be a good night.  Bath time is next.


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