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Self image

I have this picture in my head of myself that I use as motivation. It's a point in my life where I felt my most fit and my healthiest self: my hair was long, my skin glowed and I was just defining my own sense of style.
I feel awesome about me at that time in life. But unfortunately over the years I lost track of that, gained weight and had babies. Not that babies weren't a good thing, but now that I'm done that, I'm dying to get back to that point in my life.
I have a couple items in my closet that are my guides. I try them on every summer, hoping that they will fit. They never do. One of these items is my bridesmaid dress from Christy's wedding. At that wedding I felt my best. Unfortunately the dress didn't fit. For 6 years actually.
But now, my friends, I'm very happy to say that I tried it on last night and the dress fits again! YEEEHAAAA to finally living a healthier and happier life.

These are some pictures that I found from that time that I love and wouldn't untag if they were on Facebook because I felt ashamed of how I looked. I think I'm finally getting there. Oh, and to celebrate that, I re-pierced my nose. FYI.


  1. Love the "Fat Champs" shirt for this post.

  2. So proud of you Dee! Nice to look at my old wedding pictures to! Now you have to find a place to wear the dress!

    PS - Nice work on the nose piercing... wish I was brave enough to do it again!

  3. I agree with Dan. And with Christy! So proud of you Deena!

  4. you're doing and looking great!

  5. Beautiful then, beautiful now :)


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