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Meat, baby

Friday night was date night and we ventured out on a triple date with the other Simair siblings to the new Brazilian BBQ restaurant.
Holy meat, baby!
I mean holy meat baby, growing in my belly by the end of that night.
Either way I was beyond full by the end of the night. But who wouldn't be when you are being approached every 4 mins or so by a goucho (sp?) who shaves off a slice of meat from a sword.
The food was insanely good.
But also insanely uncomfortable in my belly.
Almost like a meat coma, complete with the shakes.
Overall I highly recommend the restaurant for the experience; the atmosphere makes you feel like you're in a big city, the food was awesome, the meatmen (gouchos) knowledgeable and entertaining.
Just maybe order some veggies.
OR don't EVERYTHING that is offered to you.....
Dropping the kids off at the sitters

Pretty flowers from my man


  1. great pictures!! willis you are sooo cute!!


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