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History & Fashion??!!

The mall has always been a place to unwind for me.  I love browsing and checking out the new styles that grace the displays.  I love seeing the colours, feeling the textures and getting ideas of different outfits I'd like to wear. Even back in University during the Quebec year,  I would walk the 30 some minutes to the kingdom of Place Ste-Foy for some window shopping.   A store I isntantly fell in LOVE with there was La Maison Simons. For you History or Videography affectionados out there, like me, I found this great video on their website that shows the history of their store.

My new love: mixing history and fashion.  Everything about this story works for me.  Originally from Scotland, the Simons family came to Québec and started their empire in the 19th century.
Shopping in Quebec isn't complete without hitting up this historic department store. In the past year they've (finally) opened an online store at simons.ca and I've got to say that hands down, from all the online shopping sites I frequent, they are above and beyond the easiest, fastest and most convenient place.
You place an order, it arrives within the week, shipping is free over 50$ and if you don't like sometime, you reuse the box, print off a return label, book a pick up with UPS and they take care of it from there.
Seriously simple.
But I doubt you'd be returning anything because their clothing lines are unique, classy and trendy and the quality is also great. I can find unique pieces for my wardrobe that I know nobody here will have. 
Here are some items currently on my wishlist:

Nordic Snowflake Cardigan
Dévoré Giraffe Print Tee

Ergonomic Skinny Jean

 And don't even get me started on their accessories.......


  1. I am totally on the hunt for skinny jeans too! Thanks for a great fashion tip!


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