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Giving Thanks

I'm starting off my Thanksgiving long weekend on a staff retreat at the Queen's House today and I can't think of a more perfect way to get me into a mind frame of gratitude. And on top of that, Sephora opened in Saskatoon, which is beyond super in my world. This week has been filled with awesome.

With a weekend ahead full of parents, grandparents, and a visit from my brother and his girlfriend, I can't help but have a thankful heart for all I the great family members I have in my life.
I wish there was a weekend that I could reserve for a friend's Thanksgiving. I'd love to fill my house with the people who may not be family but who sometimes play just as big of a roll.

I wish you a most happy Thanksgiving, filled with family, friends, plenty of food, especially pumpkin pie and most of all love.
Here is my homage to my Thanksgiving weekends of the past: