Fall Trends: my favourites


I have absolutely loved investigating the fall trends this year. There have been so many fantastic looks that I've been dying to try and now that: 1- I'm getting pay cheques again and 2- I'm fitting clothes much better, I have definitely taken the opportunity to try some new looks.
Here are some of my favourite trends for the season.

1- Colour blocking/colour form/colourful jeans. I've always been scared to put two solid colours together or to wear anything other than grey, black or brown for work.  Enter the crazy red skinny jeans from simons.ca    
For a reasonable 38$ (and free returns if you don't like them), you get the comfiest pair of pants I've ever tried.  Although I was hesitant to rock the skinny jean, it wasn't that bad as long as I wear it with a longer sweater.  My favourite thing to pair with these jeans is a black poncho.

2- Polka dots.  Way too fun!
I love this dress from H&M

3. The Boyfriend Blazer. I have my eye on a beauty from Simons ....I think it would look great with the red jeans.

4. Lastly I'm looking forward to Christmas parties and have had my eyes on a couple of dresses from a site that I've followed for a couple years, but have yet to purchase from.  It's called Shabby Apple and the collections are the most unique I've ever seen.  We'll see if I can get to my next target weight before I even think about ordering one.
My two favourites are:

Have a great weekend!


  1. I just got in my purple pants from Simons last night and I have that same boyfriend blazer on my wish list!
    k dot.

  2. that sentence makes no sense...opps. too tired I guess


Have a lovely day!

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