3 purple lies

Dear Jillian Michaels,

Fine. You win.  You may have figured out a way to motivate me to exercise for 30 days straight.  Your 20 minute workout suits my lifestyle and I find it easy to accommodate the torture you impose on me during that time span.  Even when I'm at my most fatiguing part of my day, I know I can muster up some courage to kick my own butt and feel good about it.
I feel stronger.  You're right.  I can do it.
But really, deep down, I know the credit does not go to you alone.
Instead I should high five my little motivation goblin who sits on the couch beside me while I exercise.
My little 4 year old monster who tells me when I'm doing the reps wrong.
Mommy, they have their hands together.
My angelic boy who keeps me on track.
Mommy, you can get off the floor now.

My sweet mancub who makes me strive to be a better mommy.
Mommy, you can do it.  Go, Mommy!
Ah, my boy.
He's my motivation and I'm working to be a better, stronger mom because he believes I can do it.


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