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Corn maze

You know it was a good weekend when it's Wednesday and you're still posting about the awesome things you did.
Sunday the Simair family joined clan Hamilton for an impromptu visit to Rosthern's corn maze/petting zoo/pig procreating factory.
It was a great visit with one of my favourite families of all time.  I think I love this family so much because they reflect so many values that I desire in my own world: compassion, love, humour, honesty, respect are just a few things that I notice about Jordan and Hugh's relationship. I could add other similarities such as baldness, cameras and the inability to stop watching a pig try to procreate (to put it nicely).
It's always good times with the Hamiltons.
Here are some of my favourite pics from both Jordan and my cam.

Calder insisted on wrestling with Will

the busy pig


  1. hahahhaa and that pig is just a little guy!!! :D too funny!

  2. Sure looks like a fun place....


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