3 purple lies


On the weekend I usually can think of all my posts for the week or at least a theme that they'll run by.
This week I have struggled.
I'll sit down with an idea and then BAM, the lameass system has to shut down. 8pm. I'm done.
But nope, not last night.
Last night I did a little experiment and exercised (yay Jillian Michael's 30 day shred) at 7.
It provided the perk that I need, so much, in fact that by 10:00 I had : cleaned the kitchen, packed my lunch, finished the laundry, blogged, read a chapter on Mesopotamia (school, not pleasure), watched Kim Kardashian's FairyTale Wedding (don't judge) and had a bubble bath with a bathbomb while reading my novel for English A90.
So I will definitely try to keep with that trend because it felt oh, so good to be productive again and even get to bed at a reasonable hour.
Now sticking with the rest of my week theme of : funny things I found on pinterest.com, I will leave you with this, which best describes how I'm feeling about my night:

A student called me "headmaster" yesterday. Must've been because of the black poncho that I was sporting that looked much like a cape. Friggin awesome.


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