3 purple lies

8pm system shut down.

Why is it that every night when I finally get around to doing something and have intentions of being very productive, I suddenly lose all ambition and would rather just go to bed?
Why is it that this list of jobs never get done in the evening?
Why don't I remember that it's impossible to work out at night?
Why can't I find energy even more so now that the sun is down by 7?

What I'd like to know is who set my inner sleep alarm clock for 8 pm??? I would sure love to be able to stay energetic until at least 10 so that I can get in my workout, spend some time on my blog, work on the business or just paint my nails and watch a movie while the kids are sleeping.

Has somebody figured out a way around this system?


  1. i don't know - maybe you have to give yourself a special reward if you can get your battery restarted after the kids are in bed??


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