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65 years of marriage

This past weekend we celebrated my Grandma and Grandpa Diehl's 65th wedding anniversary.
Quite an impressive feat, if you ask me.
I remember their 60th anniversary like it was yesterday.  I remember at that time just developing an interest in videography and taking on a project to commemorate their anniversary.
5 years is a long time and much has changed since then and whether it is health, relationship status or family size, the only thing that hasn't faltered is our Grandparents selfless love for one another.
They are great examples to us all and provide us with inspiration in many ways.
They are living examples of the importance of love.
Grandma now lives in the lodge in Leask and Grandpa spends his days by her side.
My Aunty Chris dedicates much of her time to caring for her aging parents.
My Mom makes frequent visits out to the lodge to spend time with her mom.
My aunts and uncles, who live across the country, are often taking trips home to be with their parents.

I cannot say if I will be fortunate enough to be married for 65 years like my Grandparents, but I can say that I will take what Grandma said to heart this past weekend: that she hopes that we can all be as happy as they have been in their life.
Amen to that Grandma, and thank you again to you and Grandpa for being true representations of the beauty of a lifelong love.



  1. gee mom and dad look good! great post dee!


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