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Halloween is one of my favourite holidays.For the past 5 years at least, we've had gatherings at our place to carve pumpkins and break bread.  Now that the kids are getting older, I can definitely see these parties getting out of hand progressing to be something that borders on awesome, like the theme parties we used to love throwing.
Last night we had some friends over to carve, to eat and to be merry.  And we even convinced the kids to simultaneously get into their costumes for a photo.  Which was actually the easiest photo we've ever done.  I'm gonna keep building on this party and try more decor and games for next year.  Oh, and require that the adults dress up too....
Happy Trick or Treating!

Fall Trends: my favourites

I have absolutely loved investigating the fall trends this year. There have been so many fantastic looks that I've been dying to try and now that: 1- I'm getting pay cheques again and 2- I'm fitting clothes much better, I have definitely taken the opportunity to try some new looks.
Here are some of my favourite trends for the season.

1- Colour blocking/colour form/colourful jeans. I've always been scared to put two solid colours together or to wear anything other than grey, black or brown for work.  Enter the crazy red skinny jeans from  
For a reasonable 38$ (and free returns if you don't like them), you get the comfiest pair of pants I've ever tried.  Although I was hesitant to rock the skinny jean, it wasn't that bad as long as I wear it with a longer sweater.  My favourite thing to pair with these jeans is a black poncho.

2- Polka dots.  Way too fun!
I love this dress from H&M

3. The Boyfriend Blazer. I have my eye on a beauty from Simons…

Taking care of 3

I babysat Kinsey last night while Kyla worked my dream job at Sephora.  I'm single-momming it this week so it was me and the three nutcases.  I decided it'd be entertaining to dictate what was happening as we played in the basement.

Lucia, watch this.  Willis the entertainer is on the couch, bouncing.  I'm going to balance this on my nose. On my head, I mean.  I'm going to play hit the balls.
Vroom Vroom.  Lucia is oblivious to the show on the couch.  She'd rather drive around on her car.
Kitty's here, try to hide from her.  Enter our cat, Sniper. 
Hi baby,
Hi titty
Hey titties,
Kitty, meow meow
Tickle tickle tickle tickle screams Kinsey as she runs into the playroom.
Hi. Hi. Hi!  As if it's the only word she knows, Lucia runs around in reply.
Willis begins to roar like a lion.  Mom, Kinsey was eating something.
Ball. Lucia bangs on my keyboard, repeatedly hitting the backspace.  This sentence took me 5 minutes to write, she was having so much fun.
Ah, says Kin…

To adjust or not to adjust...

I get asked quite frequently at school "how are you adjusting?"  We are 2 months exactly into the school year and that is a question that I've pondered almost daily.
What am I doing? How am I doing?  Am I happy?
To say the first couple weeks were difficult would be an understatement.  I was mad.  I was angry.  I was resentful with my decision to go back to work full time.  But at the same time I was excited to see my colleagues, happy to see my former students all grown up.  I was kinda pumped to get back into a routine and get dressed up in nice clothes.
Eventually my feelings of anger dissipated and I got into a groove of some sort.
Now I'm at a place of contentment with my decision.  I make the most of my time with my children after work and I love every minute I get to cuddle with them and share in their day.  I'm grateful for two caregivers who love my children, which is the most important thing for me.  Willis has a caring place to go to during the day w…

Dear Jillian Michaels,

Fine. You win.  You may have figured out a way to motivate me to exercise for 30 days straight.  Your 20 minute workout suits my lifestyle and I find it easy to accommodate the torture you impose on me during that time span.  Even when I'm at my most fatiguing part of my day, I know I can muster up some courage to kick my own butt and feel good about it.
I feel stronger.  You're right.  I can do it.
But really, deep down, I know the credit does not go to you alone.
Instead I should high five my little motivation goblin who sits on the couch beside me while I exercise.
My little 4 year old monster who tells me when I'm doing the reps wrong.
Mommy, they have their hands together.
My angelic boy who keeps me on track.
Mommy, you can get off the floor now.

My sweet mancub who makes me strive to be a better mommy.
Mommy, you can do it.  Go, Mommy!
Ah, my boy.
He's my motivation and I'm working to be a better, stronger mom because he believes I can do it.

Things I did this weekend:

I started my Christmas shopping list.  This I find hard to do at the last minute as I like to make my gifts as thoughtful as possible.  I also find it difficult to buy for my kids. Really, what do they need.  I could get them a box and they'd be pleased.

I went on a date with Willis to church on Sunday night.  He was very well behaved and wouldn't stop asking Jesus questions. We talked about why Jesus died, prayer and talking to people when they are in heaven and angels.  He still remembers the story I told him about my friend, Kelly and that warms my heart. 

I dressed up as a Disney princess.

I made homemade chicken quinoa vegetable soup.  Sans recipe.

I fell asleep, for the night on Friday at 7 pm.

I ate Vietnamese food. Twice.

I didn't lose my 1 lb/week.  Likely because of the Vietnamese food.

I bought our Halloween candy and did not open the box, as tempting as it was.

I dressed my mom and my sister up as a Disney princess.

I saw Footloose with Candace and Sara.


While roaming the hall of Cross, I often find myself wondering about 10 years from now when my kids are in high school.  Who will be their friends?  What will they be like?  Will they be at this school?  What sports will they play?  I could go on forever.
Yesterday and today are parent/teacher/student conferences at my school.  Although they can be tiring, I do love these events because it opens my eyes to so many different parenting styles.  There have been numerous families that I have absolutely admired and can honestly say I hope my kids are like that:  Respectful.  Kind.  Responsible.  Caring.  Hard Working.  If Lucia and Willis can come out with any of those qualities, I'll be a happy mom.
Lately I've been vexed with the thought of kindergarten registration for Willis.  As far as I know, it'll be in the new year and I'm really not prepared.  We have two really good options and to be honest, I keep flip flopping back and forth between the two.
They are both obvio…

Crafty Willis

Willis lately has very much been into doing crafts and colouring. Last night we sat down for some
quality time to make a spooky wreath for Halloween. He could've made wreaths all night.
Its going to be so fun come christmas if willis is still on a roll!
Watch out, Christmas, I have a feeling Willis is going to craft the heck out of you.

You would never tell from these photos that he is enjoying himself. That must be because along with the crafting phase, he is also going through the "do not take another picture of me, mommy, phase"

Corn maze

You know it was a good weekend when it's Wednesday and you're still posting about the awesome things you did.
Sunday the Simair family joined clan Hamilton for an impromptu visit to Rosthern's corn maze/petting zoo/pig procreating factory.
It was a great visit with one of my favourite families of all time.  I think I love this family so much because they reflect so many values that I desire in my own world: compassion, love, humour, honesty, respect are just a few things that I notice about Jordan and Hugh's relationship. I could add other similarities such as baldness, cameras and the inability to stop watching a pig try to procreate (to put it nicely).
It's always good times with the Hamiltons.
Here are some of my favourite pics from both Jordan and my cam.

Meat, baby

Friday night was date night and we ventured out on a triple date with the other Simair siblings to the new Brazilian BBQ restaurant.
Holy meat, baby!
I mean holy meat baby, growing in my belly by the end of that night.
Either way I was beyond full by the end of the night. But who wouldn't be when you are being approached every 4 mins or so by a goucho (sp?) who shaves off a slice of meat from a sword.
The food was insanely good.
But also insanely uncomfortable in my belly.
Almost like a meat coma, complete with the shakes.
Overall I highly recommend the restaurant for the experience; the atmosphere makes you feel like you're in a big city, the food was awesome, the meatmen (gouchos) knowledgeable and entertaining.
Just maybe order some veggies.
OR don't EVERYTHING that is offered to you.....

Kim and Kiana preview

This fall has been outstanding, which makes taking pictures anywhere a joy.
This weekend Kyla and I met up with her friend, Kim and her daugher, Kiana to do some photos on the riverbank.
All I needed was a pumpkin spice latte and the day was complete.
Here are a couple of my favourite pictures.
Want to see more?  Check out our new photo blog :
It's in development at the moment, but it'll be where we house all our photography and videography information for the time being.

Self image

I have this picture in my head of myself that I use as motivation. It's a point in my life where I felt my most fit and my healthiest self: my hair was long, my skin glowed and I was just defining my own sense of style.
I feel awesome about me at that time in life. But unfortunately over the years I lost track of that, gained weight and had babies. Not that babies weren't a good thing, but now that I'm done that, I'm dying to get back to that point in my life.
I have a couple items in my closet that are my guides. I try them on every summer, hoping that they will fit. They never do. One of these items is my bridesmaid dress from Christy's wedding. At that wedding I felt my best. Unfortunately the dress didn't fit. For 6 years actually.
But now, my friends, I'm very happy to say that I tried it on last night and the dress fits again! YEEEHAAAA to finally living a healthier and happier life.

These are some pictures that I found from that time that I love …


On the weekend I usually can think of all my posts for the week or at least a theme that they'll run by.
This week I have struggled.
I'll sit down with an idea and then BAM, the lameass system has to shut down. 8pm. I'm done.
But nope, not last night.
Last night I did a little experiment and exercised (yay Jillian Michael's 30 day shred) at 7.
It provided the perk that I need, so much, in fact that by 10:00 I had : cleaned the kitchen, packed my lunch, finished the laundry, blogged, read a chapter on Mesopotamia (school, not pleasure), watched Kim Kardashian's FairyTale Wedding (don't judge) and had a bubble bath with a bathbomb while reading my novel for English A90.
So I will definitely try to keep with that trend because it felt oh, so good to be productive again and even get to bed at a reasonable hour.
Now sticking with the rest of my week theme of : funny things I found on, I will leave you with this, which best describes how I'm…

8pm system shut down.

Why is it that every night when I finally get around to doing something and have intentions of being very productive, I suddenly lose all ambition and would rather just go to bed?
Why is it that this list of jobs never get done in the evening?
Why don't I remember that it's impossible to work out at night?
Why can't I find energy even more so now that the sun is down by 7?

What I'd like to know is who set my inner sleep alarm clock for 8 pm??? I would sure love to be able to stay energetic until at least 10 so that I can get in my workout, spend some time on my blog, work on the business or just paint my nails and watch a movie while the kids are sleeping.

Has somebody figured out a way around this system?