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It was a good weekend for us.  Plenty of down time, plenty of productive time and plenty of time with friends and family.  Although I still haven't been able to shake this feeling of exhaustion, I'm no longer having any anxious feelings about work which makes Mondays much easier.  This weekend I did not touch my school work.  Instead I focused on everything else that needed doing like:
  • Going for our last swim of the summer and packing up the pool. Sob.
  • Visiting with my friends at Candace's baby shower.
  • Mall walking/black boot hunting with Lucia.
  • Playing UNO with Willis (his current obsession)
  • Cleaning my house.
  • Playing outside with the kids.
  • Finishing Lea and Brenen's wedding photos.
  • Chatting with the BFF.
  • Skyping and visiting with family
  • Making yummy recipes.  This weekend was cookie bowls for our jello and frozen yogurt.  I saw the idea on Pinterest (of course) and when Dan was making cookies with Will I asked him to try it.  Well, that failed. Apparently you need a specific recipe for the bowls.  So we tried again and had these lovely creations for dessert last night!
  • http://www.wilton.com/recipe/Sugar-Cookie-Bowls
First cookie bowl fail.

Candace's baby shower
I also made a little video in response to a challenge that brother in law, Josh issued. He brought each family home a jar of Marmite (British treat they put on toast-yeast extract) and said the family that finishes first gets a prize. Well, of course I'm up for a challenge. Here's hoping this video brings you smiles this Monday morning:


  1. oh wow. those cookie cups look dangerously yummy. can only imagine it would be a bajillion times better than a waffle cup!


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