3 purple lies

Technicolour dreamcoats, mustangs and slush.

I spent a lot of my time yesterday thinking about an old friend/boyfriend who passed away 3 years ago yesterday.  Milestone days are always the hardest for some reason and they become etched in your brain.  That date.  That hour.  That highway.
AndrĂ©'s sisters and parents have been constantly in my thoughts and my prayers. 
And although he and I had gone on our different paths in life, it doesn't make him any less important to me and to the way I remember him.  He was a huge part of my high school life and the first couple years of university.
We sang together.
We drank snowdrifts together.
We daydreamed and even fell in and out of love together.

He was a great guy and I have nothing but wonderful memories of him that I'll always keep in my heart.

I smile when I think of him.
I get tears in my eyes when I remember how much he once meant to me.
I can't believe that I have two of my closest allies from high school as guardian angels.

Sure hope they're not sharing secrets up there.
As if.
If I know Kelly and André well, they're likely doing just that, while sharing a snowdrift.



  1. Really great post, Deena. I am thinking of you. And Andre. And Kelly.


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