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It's 2002. World Youth Day in Toronto.
A chance to take a journey in my faith with my brother and sister.
Some of my most powerful memories come from that experience and they are moments that I will never forget.  Walking 10 kms in a pilgrimage to break bread with the Pope, John Paul II.  Singing hymns of faith in different languages.  Walking down the streets of Toronto with pilgrims from across the world, all sharing in the same love for Jesus.

There was so much strength, so much power, so much prayer surrounding us.  It's truly an event that one can't explain unless you've experienced it.
Yesterday I experienced something similar.
I have the privilege at working at a very good school.  A school that is equally strong in it's academic, athletic and spiritual programming.
Yesterday we did our own prilgrimage as a school to Holy Spirit Parish.  A 20 minute walk for close to 1500 students.  It was a truly beautiful thing to be able to share a mass with the entire school.  I am very grateful to work in place where I'm allowed to pray everyday.  Not many people can say that.
It was a really good day today and I left feeling proud and stronger in my faith.

Amen to that.


  1. your blog reminds of how it was 10 years ago, after 9-11, when our church was packed for weeks afterwards for sunday mass. amazing how ppl turn to God in times of trouble. now we are back into cruise mode. the world is funny isn't it. glad you had such a great day!


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